Remote fifth Winter Games.

16 November - 26 February

Event venue


In December, start now fifth Distant Winter Games.

Remote games are part of a program of study at the Academy of awakening from sleep Lila- non-conducting beings.

Awakening is a process that lasts for many lifetimes, and if you understand that this awakening, the training at the Academy of Lila - is something that will help you through this process, learning not to disturb him, but to help, and the most important skill is samopomoschi- - ability PLAY!

Play -impossible to  train this ability to enliven a person, if the game Soznaniya- Leela, he begins to open.

Remote game - a way to close the transfer of skills to play the game of consciousness, being at a certain distance from the conductor.

 You can have contact with the conductor, and learn to play with Coznaniem by means of remote communication: the Internet.

It does not matter in which country, or in any settlement you are! If you have access to the Internet - You can start by learning the game regardless of your location!

Why were selected on the remote game:

To play - you must have the personal power, ie the ability to resist the tendency of the mind, to deal with reality.

If you do not have a personal power, then play the remote game, you can not. TRENDS you to stop at the stage of selection.

Here, for example, the player could not qualify, but is asking for, and consciousness gave her a chance to play ... but in the end because of the virtual absence of personal power for the declared level (games) - it has not played any past game:

... I was just a pity to waste time on empty (as I thought) reports. Earning points I currently play immediately seemed boring to whom and what does it do? I myself, or play, or not play. So I read the rules twice, I did not catch the essence of the counting points. Yes. And it's also a game. Game pride. Like,

I have all so wonderful that I do not need a conductor, and disclaims any restrictions. Herself. It seemed a waste of time and a description of their insights. I skimmed through the statements of players online. Well yes. Mostly it seems. Most of these revelations were made by me for a long time, months, or even years ago. Well, why should I write what is so clear? Now I understand that that I took her own dialogue with the person who looks at the situation through the eyes of others, and therefore could not see anything else. Again pride.

Pride described in this report is the tendency of the mind to deal with reality and the participant has not yet had a personal strength to resist it, the result - trend won, the participant was out of the game ...

 Haha ... The Leela.

How does the remote game?

Qualify in the remote game - you start getting slot game.

As a general rule, passing game game and sending the report, you will be available the next game the game. As you will successfully play game, you may be sent via 2 slot game.

 The game requires you to develop self-discipline, and its terms are specified in each game playing game.

   At the end of the period you will need to send a report to the performance of tasks and exercises to develop the skills to play, namely skills hunters, warriors, Missionary, formless player Observer.

  All your reports you'll receive comments conductor.

  You can ask for an extension of the game during certain game. For this you need to write about it provodniku.Provodnik can give you the opportunity to play longer or refuse.

Early completion of the game:

 · If the reports will be coming with a delay (with respect to the deadlines), the player can finish the game early, but first he will get a warning that it can be completed ahead of the game with the reasons).

Remote game - a way to close the transfer of skills to play the game of consciousness, being at a certain distance from the conductor.

 You can have contact with the conductor, and learn to play with Coznaniem by means of remote communication: the Internet.

It does not matter in which country, or in any settlement you are! If you have access to the Internet - You can start by learning the game regardless of your location!

Remote play comfortable and when you have the opportunity to meet with Rama in person at seminars, retreats, satsangs.

How to play the game?

· First of all, you must:

       tune in to the game

       feel the playfulness of life

       and perceive sent by Break games as the game of consciousness which is happening right at the moment

       and you received a letter from the jobs and information comes from the consciousness that actually play with you.

The gameness of sent contains information that you need to not just read and get acquainted with it, to translate it into practice in the course of the game game.

This information is necessary to play.

To you it was easier to play, you're given an assignment.

 Because life is a game with you continually sending the job, it will give you the events in which you can play the knowledge and skills to put into practice.

Pay attention to the fact that life will send you a special event for you to PLAYER was able to understand the information through the experience of game.

         After reading the game is completely or partially, give yourself the opportunity to be with the new information.

        Then read the game, to clarify the tasks and


         Define for yourself what kind of exercise should be done regularly, and which

                   job should only be done in this game.

       During the days allotted playing a game, re-read, tasks and


 Every day, you can keep an electronic diary, which records and reports to be material.

 By submitting a report, carefully review questions, assignments and exercises are defined in the game.

(Sometimes players do not see some of the issues and, accordingly, are not expelled reports highlighting certain themes). This passage of the game game, can help to ensure that the party even played all game, it can subsequently be re-directed to the game in order to collect the gifts that were missed in this game).

And now meet with

Game concept.

The method of the game.

Life is playing the "strength" in a potential hidden gift, through the event, thus,

challenging you if you can take this power, disclosing potential GIFT?

 If you entered the game, refuse to accept the call, you can not, since it

It means to surrender without a fight, the net loss.

Accepting the challenges of life, and fought with it, you can either win or lose in the fight.

 Are you going to happen an event which is the drawing of Life.

 Event sent Life animates your hidden DAR. But first, in the event enlivened shell Dara.

Your task is to be able to take this gift, first examine it and then accept it.

The complexity of the game for the player is that all potential gifts are protected by a shell of fear, and to take the DAR need to overcome the fear.

That is why it is called GIFT, overcome fear, you are receiving the gift, the gift of life.

Remember that all the events in your life are intended to

1. Help you take the hidden gifts, and life, playing with you, gives you every day the possibility of getting these potential gifts.

2. Implement personal power in the conscious activity of conscious life.

So, life offers the player to go through a lot of different situations, each of

which carries clues to its true nature.

But know! Do you have a deliberate and known to you the weak point: "Often you go on about the fear of" defending himself against him and did not give the opportunity to discover the gift potential.

Life knows your weak spot and keeps you "him" in the position of "toys".

She obviously calculates your reaction that is predictable and always the same:

 In any event, invites you to life, which is directed to the disclosure of your

potential gift, in contact with the shell of fear of potential gift - you often react defensively with fear, and thus blokiruesh disclosure of potential talent. Thus, losing life and left her toy.

Now, as a player, you is important to remember, that any event can be directed either to the disclosure of the potential of your gift, or for the implementation of already manifested gifts.

In the events, when there is the potential disclosure of Dara, you (Hunter) has to feel fear!

 This means that you have come into contact with the shell of the potential gift and your job as a player - to remember at this point that life sends you an event to

you could take your potential DAR. And for that you have to overcome the fear of the shell.

Flawless player boldly goes to the experience of fear, guarding the gift and live it,

reaches a potential gift, which now becomes his real personal power and that now he can directly use.

During the game you yourself will understand what potential gifts you win, that is what they

appear in your destiny.

Thus, after passing through the shell of fear, a player reveals the DAR and the potential benefits of personal power to play out a lifetime event, and the level of personal power growing.

Remember that life can send you the event and for you to be implemented extracted personal power in the works, activities.

  Lose / Win.

The game play is not possible.

Either your loss - only delayed the victory!

If drawing of Dara in the event you win, the power of life encased in a hidden Dare goes to you and become a part of your personal power. Thus, you accumulate personal power and are using it for conscious life.

If life is playing and makes you get involved in a shell Dara, submit to fear, the power draw of Life wins.

POWER remains in its possession, and part of your personal power devolved upon them.

  As a result of losing, you continue to be dependent on life and you can not take advantage of the potential gift that originally gave you life.

But, remember that life is a game with lots of love to you, and it coincides with your problem, it just wants your awakening.

But only uses the tactics of slumber!

The harder it will be to lull you to (win), the greater will be your desire to wake up, wake up.

You got a player always has the opportunity to use the loss to win!

Having analyzed the reasons for its defeat in last season's forces, you hereby

you can prepare for a new drawing of the Force in the next event.

This gives you the chance to win a delayed player win!

Remember! He laughs best who laughs last!

   Rules games LOW (level Hunter, Warrior):

The main rule is a small player of the game: to be a disciple.

Most of the small game includes skills training hunter and warrior.

It is these skills are needed in order to play with the life and the potential to win the sweepstakes Gifts.

When heard the wizard, open your ears ready for learning.

      When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then they come lips to fill them with wisdom.

  1. Kybalion.

A mentor can be the only one who went the way of small game and is a great game, as a teacher in our understanding, is the one who passed that way, which is now becoming you, and knows all its subtleties, he will help you to pass it .

 So the way the game can go low only if you can be a disciple.

Someone - it is an innate ability to be a disciple, someone needs to learn this.

The conductor and a player-student moves to energy pupil, his desire to play with life.

There is no need to change the conductor student. A great desire to have a student, and the conductor only serves him, showing and guiding the path.

I opened your little secret life as one who does not know that the principle of life, remains in the dark and still remains a toy.


Judge in the game is your awareness. That it is able to sum up the game.

  Exodus small game.

The first outcome of the game:

Life can not beat the player, as he knows the secret of winning delayed.

A player can only surrender voluntarily, if he understands that he is not a player!

Secondary outcome of the game:

If YOU won a victory in the award, the player receives a force that will allow you to live life effortlessly. This coincides with the transition of your consciousness to the level of body and soul in the spirit level

and means that you are ready to move to the next level of the game «Leela» and start the "Great Game".

END of small game.

In this game there is only one outcome - a game can only end in complete victory


For you,

Small game ends when you are typing the necessary level of personal power to transcend the level of consciousness itself as the soul (the level of missionary).

 Media game ends when you are typing the necessary level of personal power to transcend the level of consciousness of himself as a spirit (formless plays Big Player).

You will discover the existence of other energy source. And gradually you start to move to the use of life-not personal power (the energy of the body and the soul) and the other source of energy, the boundless energy of the Spirit.

So let's remember the main recommendations of how to play the remote game:

1) Read the game - start to play it.

2) Record your game in the form of diary entries on a computer, which also reflect the performance of exercises and assignments. It is important to describe the experience of exercises and assignments are not to report back, but in order to gain a deeper understanding of the game through its own experience of, as well as really learn the skills of the hunter. Use records to report about playing a game.

3) You will receive support wire according to his level of personal power (or maintenance support, support - recess support-game).

 Support - Support- it is the soft accompaniment.

 Support deepening - a support, requiring the player to personal power, since such support player will be sent to study their blind spots. In such a support it should already be able to see the protection that normally protect the blind spot.

Accompanying the game - it is a direct play through the conductor with consciousness.

Registration for the retreat begins on 16 November and will continue with the selections until 16 December.

The official beginning of the Remote fifth Winter Games - December 16, 2017

Everything about distance in the Games Academy Leela- read here: Link Remote Games