Wake up retreat.

01 November - 21 November

Event venue

South America.

Trip to another side.

In this retreat possible to take participation only by Rama's invitation. Only 2 person can take participation on this time in spring 2016.

You should be in very subtle resonance with Rama.


Demand for get invitation:

1. Very good health (especially blood pressure and heart condition).

2. EXPERIENCE:  Silent retreat with Rama in Tiruvannamalai.

3.Fluently speak and understand English.

4. Financial possibilities (status). (arround 3600$+ tikcets arround ( from 90.000-120000 руб.) Start from Vladivistok.)

5. Service in Oasis of awakening.

start 30/04 V-M - 1 M-L-2L-C-AC-3 MP-C-4C-5C-6*7*8 R- 8*9*10 Rest 11C-L-12L-13L-M-15 M-16 M-V-17/05 finish