03 May - 09 May

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Vipassana means "insight meditation", "view as-is" or "higher vision". This meditation technique taught in India more than 2,500 years ago.

8,9,10,11 April 2016. Leela will be held at the Academy

intramural retreat with Rama "Vipassana" or "accept the reality." 1 part.

(April 8 check - 11 April leaving)

The entire system of training at the Academy is preparing for Leela- Vipassana, ie the higher vision.

In this video about Vipassana says monk Pra Montry (Thailand) -Teacher Vipassana.


I. Vipassana - which means to see things as they really are,

II. Acceptance of reality. True - it's always something that happens, not a story that would have to occur.

Seminars will focus on a part of your study of his thoughts. No events are the cause of our problems. Our thoughts about these events are causing problems.

If we are subject the study of these thoughts, we see that they contradict the reality of the present moment. As a result of the investigation of his thoughts, you see how you are struggling with the reality of the present moment, you can understand how much it's crazy!

Retreat part will focus on the practice of meditation for the purpose of experiencing the present moment and the experience of seeing things as they really are. (Day mode: starts at 4.30 am and end at 22.00_)


Terms of retreat: a silent retreat (noble silence).

 Auxiliary tools:

  • morning work-out,
  • watching a movie,
  • individual counseling players of the "Open Heart"
  • Practices leading to the meditation (we usually call them and meditation)
  • Psychodrama + arrangement
  • energy Ilahinur
  • Dive into a trance and the inner workings of a trance
  • practice "in the endless stream of emptiness"
  • Dynamic group members
  • seven keys are returned to the reality of being


Leela Academy Players registered on the site, the level of the Seeker, during the selection on the retreat, it will be necessary to pass a 10-day retreat with video-Rama. (Follow the link: Registration for the 10-day retreat-Video).

Players arriving at the Academy of Lila, will be able to participate in this retreat, as if they could go through all the selections, optional stage, which for them would be the passage of a 10-day retreat video with Rama. (Follow the link: Registration for the 10-day retreat-Video).

Registration for the retreat "Vipassana" or "accept the reality." 1 part, begins March 1, 2016

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