Dive into yourself.Illahinoor.

09 July - 12 July

Event venue

Nakhodka (the center of the individual retreats)

Individual retreats "Dive into yourself", taking place in the center of the "Samadhi" is the necessary place and in the manner which has created ideal conditions to carry out purification of the mind and prepare it for the full delivery of (enlightenment).

Enlightenment requires training and this training at the Academy of Lila - are long retreats in which the participant can dive to the deepest and subtlest level of purification of the mind from defilements, manifest errors and therefore suffering (which are on the bodily level) - can be recognized as blocks.

This retreat is open to all active players of the Academy of Leela, held face to face with Rama retreats last two years.

Pass will retreat from 16-19  December  in Nakhodka at the Center for Individual retreats "Samadhi".

check on the second full day,

December 16 (check-night) 17,18  December 19 (morning departure)

Conduct a retreat group will transfer players with experience in full awakening.

What distinguishes the individual from the group retreat?

First of all, the fact that hide on an individual for whom no retreat. Throughout the retreat, party is in close relationship with the lead that all the time impels him to the inner work.

By the passage of selections allowed participants to retreat, meditating regularly. Regularly, this means that the practice takes place every day and is happy.

The Center Individual retreats in Nakhodka, special conditions were created for individual retreat, allowing totally immerse yourself in the inner workings.

At the August retreat will focus on practice with Energy Ilahinur, using its powerful enlightening (Healing from non-conducting) exposure.

 With Love, Sangha Oasis Awakening