The experience of Samadhi (10 day retreat)

03 August - 14 August

Event venue

Nakhodka (center of individual retreats)

10 day retreat "experience of samadhi."

 Samadhi - is the superconscious state. This union with God or the Supreme Brahman.

Samadhi is indescribable. There is no means of expression, nor the language to talk about it.

You must experience this state of personal experience in the course of direct intuitive knowledge. Can you explain the taste of candy?

Samadhi - is absolute bliss, joy and peace. That's all I can say about it. Everyone should experience it yourself.

In Samadhi meditator loses its individuality, and identified with the Higher "I". As camphor identified with fire, so the meditator merges with behold.

As the river flows into the ocean, so the individual soul joins the Supreme Soul - the ocean of Absolute Consciousness.

This blissful divine experience arises when the ego and consciousness dissolve.

Samadhi - is not petrified inert state as imagined many narrow-minded people.

It's a great experience of unity and integrity.

This experience completely outside the realm of sensory perception.

The spectator and spectacle become one.

In the state of Samadhi aspirant he is not aware of any external or internal objects. In this state, no thought or hearing or smell nor view.

Samadhi - is the property of every human being.

 It is contributing to achieve Samadhi

 Faith, the power of concentration of consciousness, memory and ability to distinguish.

Only one God's grace can take you into the worlds of transcendental experience.


 Obstacles to achieving Samadhi

 The excitement of mind, sleep, addiction, negligence, indecisiveness, subtle vasanas, sickness, happiness, doubt, spiritual pride - all these obstacles to achieve Samadhi.

When a person comes out of samadhi, He has transcendental wisdom.

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