The project "Publisher"

08 January - 31 December

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All the happiness in the world

It comes from the desire of happiness for others.

All the suffering in the world

It comes from the desire of happiness for themselves.

Starting in March 2015, the project "Publisher" (Publisher) is the fourth largest project Oasis Awakening and is associated with the release of awakening books.

The Oasis Awakening accumulated a large amount of information that will be extremely useful for clearing up and it's time to share it with the seekers who come into the process of awakening in this lifetime.

In April of 2015. Oasis Awakening signed a contract with the publishing house "Renome" for the publication of 500 copies. books: "Ilahinur - divine energy enlightenment."

In July 2015 the publishing house "Renome" issues out of print book "Ilahinur-awakening of divine energy."

And in August 2015. publishing house "Renome" proceeds to publishing work on two more books:

The sixth book. Lottery Game of Life.

The seventh book. Conversations with Rama. Enlightenment.

and produces both books in print in October 2015.

Currently gather material for the book:

  • Conversations with Rama. Awakening.
  • To see the face of God-2
  • Leela / Level Hunter and Warrior


 The project "Publisher" players can participate at all levels who wish to participate in the service.

The project "Publisher" (Publisher) continues to gain momentum and take more and more willing to get in touch with the experience of serving.

Application for participation in the project, you can do that through your registration here on the site.