Video retreat with Rama.3 floor practices.

05 January - 31 December

Event venue


For the student the only way to become a warrior It is

to live a life warrior every minute and every day.

No theorizing or philosophizing, no talk

or books on a step will not bring him to power.

Teun Marez.

"Video retreat with Rama" 3 floor practices, as well as all training at the Academy of Lila, designed for the awakened seekers, chosen by their development "game Leela", accompanied by Rama.

  "Video retreat with Rama" 3 floor practices - this is the third sprint distance game in which, in contrast to all other remote gaming, the retreat lasts for 10 days.

This video retreat, require players to real power, the maximum concentration, self-discipline and previous knowledge.

To participate in video 3rd floor retreat practices, the player of the Academy of Lila, the game should have the status of "Warrior" and pass the remote at this level of the game Introspection Introspection-1 and-2.

To start the selections on this rally the forces necessary to register for the event Video retreat with Rama, 3 floor practices.


The Leela.