Admission to the Academy of Leela.

01 January - 31 December

Event venue


In January, 2017. come into force new rules for admission to the Academy of Leela.

The Academy can come Leela persons who have reached 27 years of age (the age when a person comes to mature age of this embodiment), which are not dependent on leading an independent life, working.
People tend to learn.
Wishes to develop and achieve inner freedom.
Playful in its temperament.
During registration, you must fill out a questionnaire, undergo tests.
In case of successful completion of the second stage, the incoming assigned full-time job interview.
In case of successful completion of the third stage, the incoming accesses the passage Video retrita- 1 floor practices.


Because of distance learning and practices requiring high mental stabilityin  Leela  Academy  not accepted:

Persons with mental disorders such as epilepsy, schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis and others.
People with drug and alcohol addiction.
People are not inclined to learn.

Before you to register in order to enter the Leela Academy, read carefully the materials on these links:

Forms of education 

And if you agree (on), then apply (registration) and start to pass the stage of selection available.