Approved schedule of private seminars and retreats with Rama for the spring (March-April) 2018.

Wednesday 29 November, 2017

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The Leela Academy, announces a new approved timetable of in-person seminars and retreats with Rama, which will be held in Russia (in Primorye) in the spring of 2018 from March to April:

In 2018, Rama will hold:

  • the program of private seminars devoted to the Hunt for Power through the study of Psychogenetics "Hunting for Strength." Psychogenetics. 1,2,3 part
  • and the program of internal retreats, dedicated to preparing for a total "surrender", "Consent to reality." 1,2,3 part

  • A little about the seminar "Hunting for Power. Psychogenetics.

Next year, in full-time seminars for a wide audience, Rama will teach how to hunt the Force through the study of PSYCHOLOGY.

In the process of analyzing your life models of behavior and the laws by which your ancestors lived, you will see that many qualities of character, stereotypes of thinking and reactions that determine your behavior today, are inherited from you by previous generations. The qualities and habits inherited from your ancestors, reproduce the same results in your life today, which they had.

Psychogenetics as a science claims that right now, we need to understand tha
  • as good,
  • and poor quality,

We inherit from previous generations, and if we begin to analyze, we note that we reproduce in the end the same results that our ancestors had.

And no amount of all sorts of blessings will free us from this genetic robotism, while we
  • Do not realize the true reasons for our behavior and reactions
  • and we will not make conscious efforts to change the habitual pattern of thinking and behavior that generates problems.

Many cases are known when people received fame, popularity, honor, material benefits, but nevertheless died from alcoholism and other forms of destructive behavior, as well as their parents or their superior ancestors, because they simply could not understand the true causes of their destructive behavior.
  • When we unconsciously reproduce the thinking and behavior of our ancestors - this is called genetic trans (or genetic robotism).

Genetic trance is nothing more than the submission of the genetic predisposition that arises in a person, because of ignorance of this conditionality.

To get out of the genetic trance, it is necessary first ... This will be discussed at the full-time seminars of Rama in 2018.

A few words about the retreats: "Consent to reality."

The Reconciliation program with the reality of 2018, will include a large number of arrangements (for working with the clan) with players who played the distance game Psychogenetics, sessions of immersion into deep trance, through holotropic breathing and of course other instruments (meditation, dynamic group, regime, etc.)

Retreats will go through the prism of the MAIN PROBLEM "COMPLETE SELL", through a conscious CONSENT with REALITY, that is, with THEME, WHAT IS AND AS IS.

March 2018

1. 21 Wed, 22 th of March in-person consultations of Rama in Nakhodka

2. 24Sub, 25th of March, in-person consultations of Rama in Vladivostok.

3. 30, 31 March 1 April - seminar Finding "Hunting for Power. Psychogenetics".


April 2018

4. 6,7,8,9 April Retreat Consent to reality. 1 part. Garden city (retreat for students of the Academy of Leela).

5. 13,14,15 April - Vladivostok seminar "Hunting for Power. Psychogenetics.

6. 21 April April Meeting "Open Hearts".


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