Game Travel-This form of training, designed for mature players,

who can play in all circumstances, and having a real personal power.

The second game Journey will take place in the form of 15-day retreat

"Mystery of the Great transition"

Great transition wizard carried out at the end of life, when it is time to leave this world, and only a few of them pass it by staying in this world.

This retreat is open to existing players Leela Academy level:
* Missionary and shapeless player;

* (Perhaps as "exceptions to the rule," and the soldiers).

The second game Journey is a dynamic form of retreat when the players all the skills necessary to be used in the action directly in the events.

Retreat Programme:

Extremely rich and will contain two test point. One will be associated with the experience of the fear of death, and the second is connected with overcoming.

Participants also get in touch with an amazing energy and the influence of the island with its unique healing power. Consciousness has already started to prepare all the necessary scenery :)

Terms of selection.

Submission of personal power requirements:

To retreat to all the selected players will be important to come to an optimal game form.
Have a valid passport for 6 months from the date of crossing the border.
Status of the game: the level of missionary / shapeless player.
Fifteen days on the trip.
Material resources.

The approximate travel budget is

$ 1748.1 (with meals, lodging, all expenses for travel, tours and transport) (is required by August 2015.)
+ Tickets (VVO / (Knabarovsk) - Seoul -18555rub,
Seoul -JeJu (Island) - from $ 70 to $ 300) (cost of tickets available on the day of the announcement and may vary upwards every day). (Amounts on air tickets needed immediately after the filing of the application to buy at the best rates)
A more detailed description of expenditure players will get to the second stage of selection.
Retreat program painted by day. Players will have a program on the 3rd stage of the selection.
If your application you will receive a positive answer, you can proceed to the next stage of selection: you have to guide, how to buy tickets for the dates and recommended airlines (tickets on sale now).