Leela Academy

Leela Academy is a project which was transformed from «Way of development» Consulting center which was headed by Rama from 2000 till 2006. During this time Rama vcreated the system of Self-control - SAMGURU which he taught during the period 2000-2006 (practice of hunter and warrior).


In 2007 Rama cognized Leela game which resulted in "Who am I?" experience. Then in 2007 Rama went to India where he lived retired within 5 years, having stopped previous work.

In 5 years, in India, Rama met enlightened master Sri Bagavat whereupon Rama's spiritual searches come to an end and he comes back to former activity. At first he creates Awakening Oasis and then - Leela Academy.

Leela Academy is intended for those who experience the process of awakening and who need support by Rama.


Who can enter Leela Academy?

Everyone who understands what Rama is talking about at seminars, retreats and satsangs (from video, books, seminars, retreats and satsangs) and who feels close to the level of hunter, warrior, player.


"Awakening is a process" - Rama says… This is not like you simply come to listen to satsang and make something for once only. This is a system of certain practices which form the way of the person and are a long process. Awakening finishes with enlightenment and release.


In Leela Academy Rama teaches how to overcome awakening process  as the form of continuous development and game.


What is the difference between participation in Awakening Oasis and in Leela Academy?

Awakening Oasis provides the general information which will be useful for many people, since the information is presented to several levels of consciousness. Rama does not take part in individual support in Awakening Oasis.


The information in Leela Academy is given through training, for those who have chosen the way of Leela game accompanied by Rama.


"Why do I put emphasis on support?" - Rama says.

Awakening process can be compared with Spiritual birth, and like our physical birth it can be accompanied with pain.

You can view the video about it from Rama's satsang (Spiritual birth).


To watch video from Rama's satsang


Of course it is very good when you are accompanied with the expert during this time, the more so that is a person who has also experienced spiritual delivery.


Those forms of Consciousness which choose the game way and see Rama Divine Leela as a guide, conditionally "enter" Leela Academy.


Having passed the Game way through Consciousness levels: Hunter, Warrior, Missionary, Formless player, players finish their path from darkness to light and begin moving from Light to Light as a part of Awakening Oasis Team  (Observer level).


Mission of Leela Academy:  Support of players on Consciousness levels through training: Hunter, Warrior, Missionary, Formless player to full Awakening (Observer).