Awakening Oasis

What if the beginning of spiritual development?

It begins with Awakening.

Awakening process can be both obvious and hardly noticeable.

If you take peas, put it between napkin and a glass wall, and will support napkins wet, in a while you will see awakening in the bean. It starts to inflate, and then forms a sprout.

This is the same with people. We live not only to eat, to drink, to satisfy sexual needs, to reach success, power, money... These are only preparatory conditions to wake up from a dream (ignorance) once, where the SEED (spiritually closed person) stays.

As a rule awakening process is accompanied by radically changing external and internal conditions forcing the person to refuse of former way of life, thinking and to go with path of changes.


As the seed has to burst, lose the former form and as a result to turn to something absolutely new under the influence of reviving processes, so the person transforms irreversibly as a result of awakening. From the seed he has to turn to something new and unknown yet.



The transformation into something he does not know yet scares the person, as well as the process of Awakening.


Imagine, a seed has to burst in order to sprout. If seeds could feel and speak, they would probably tell it is painful, but this pain is natural.


The person also has to experience the pain of awakening. When I am writing these lines now, I have already gone through this pain of awakening and have woken up! I have accompanied people in this process and I write some stories, and further you can read them.

What can I say now?

If awakening has begun nobody can stop it. Every one has to go this way by himself.


Awakening from ignorance dream is a release from all mistakes, and discovery of own true nature. Having cognized the true nature, you begin a conscious life on the base of KNOWLEDGE.

We are in a great and surprising game of consciousness which immerses itself into illusion (ignorance) and then reaches release.


I invite everyone who is wakening up to the AWAKENING OASIS.


With Love, Rama!

Awakening Oasis Rama Divine Leela 

It is a place or a source where processes which awaken the Consciousness happen. Awakening Oasis is open for everyone whose «ears are open» and for whom the themes of Awakening, spiritual search, personal development, solution for psychological problems, recover from illnesses and simply cognitive interest are topical.


 Awakening Oasis shares awakening information with everyone who needs it with love. The team of Awakening Oasis is at your service for these purposes.

The team of Awakening Oasis enables possibility to meet Rama sight unseen in the following ways:

  1.   Youtube video channel - Rama Divine Leela    
  2.   Site of Awakening Oasis
  3.   Page in VKontakte:  Academy of Leela
  4.   Page in Facebook: Academy of Leela
  5.   Page in Facebook: Don’t Delay Enlightenment

By published books:

  • Don’t delay enlightenment (Sri Bagavat)
  • Leela- seek-and-hide game (the first book, RamaDivineLeela)  
  • Recall Who I am. (the second bookRama Divine Leela
  • Warm regards to uncle Joe
  • Seeing the God’s face

Through personal meetings: retreat-seminars, satsangs. You can find information about them in Calendar section.

Awakening Oasis serves for awakening of sleeping Consciousness which can be shown in different forms.

Awakening happens during the whole incarnation; therefore at the personal level Awakening Oasis is a place where character (sleeping Consciousness) will wake up.

Awakening Oasis carries out actions (satsangs, retreats, seminars, remote games, consultations, and publishing of books) which promote both proceeding and definite awakening.


 Awakening in "Awakening Oasis" happens through

  • non-differentiated form (when the one who awakes does not require individual support and goes independently or belongs already to some  spiritual stream (path)).
  •  and through differentiated form - support for those who decide to follow the way of Leela Game accompanied by Rama and the team of Awakening Oasis the awakening by training in Leela Academy.

Awakening Oasis works by means of Service of Leela Academy players who have woken up to a certain extent and are willing to reach the definite awakening through Service.