About Rama

Probably the Consciousness has prepared this Person many lives for a spiritual teaching, but in this incarnation a conscious learning begun when he was 16 years old.

At that time he started working as hospital attendant in resuscitation department after having failed as competitioner in medical university. For the first time he had to do with looking after gravely ill patients, hopeless people.


«… It was like some kind of a test. On my very first watch I saw what the death is. Usually after such tests people without internal calling to medicine leave this way.

- «But I did not have any doubts at all. I just made everything what should be done in such moments. For example, when the patient died, my duties were to lay his body parts correctly, because in several hours the corpse grows numb, and it is very difficult to change a pose …» - Rame recalls


After one year of working in resuscitation department, he enters the medical university in Tomsk and graduates it in 7 years.


On graduating from the university, he continues upgrading of his medical qualification and masters acupuncture (su jok), neurology, vertebroneurology, manual therapy, physiotherapy exercises, applied kinesiology, psychotherapy.


During 8 years of work after graduation from the university, he developed a system of self-regulation Samguru (which meant improvement of the person through connection with internal teacher which Rama felt in him since the moment of awakening and learning of meditations in 1998).


On the ninth year of work, he got the 'Who I am' experience and discovered game of Consciousness which wise men of India call Leela


After awakening he left everything he was engaged in before, and has gone in UNCERTAINTY with trust in spiritual Call


During the next 5 years of travelling and solitude, he learnt spiritual treatment, namely healing from ignorance first of all through own experience.


His spiritual search resulted in meeting with Sri Bagavat, enlightened master living in India.


After end of spiritual search and solitude, in 5 years after awakening, Rama renews activity.

He creates Awakening Oasis.

Rama translates the book of Sri Bagavat «Do not delay enlightenment» into Russian. Then four books of Rama from Leela series were published:

1)     Leela. Hide-and-seek.

2)     RecallWho I am.

3)     Warm regards to uncle Joe.

4)     Seeing God’s face.


Soon the project of Leela Academy which is intended for support of people with activated Awakening process by Rama, was created in the Awakening Oasis.


«… Now I'm guiding, accompanying followers who have trusted in me from their own spiritually-born state» - Rama describes his activity.

 I have felt calling to this work when I was 16 years old and my job was to wash floors in resuscitation department and to look after the most hopeless patientsAt that time I have already understood that simply good, kind relation to the person cannot provide him with strength and hope for recovery. Then I felt that my essence is an energy donor and that giving people a piece of warmth, kind relation is in my nature… That is why I entered the medical university

Support, as well as any other work, is not easy, but if you love the people you guide, it is always a pleasure

Leela game has taught me to understand accurately role of the Character through which I'm living in a material world. And this role is Guide- Doctor

The main disease which is the reason of sufferings is Ignorance. Healing from this disease is a subject of my treatment.

In the course of my healing I show the way (which is my support).

But everyone should pass this way himself.


It is well known that the Doctor - besides his medical function, should be the teacher, spiritual mentor for all those who consult him…

There are two key moments which are essential for my relations with those who search:

1. The person should be mature for healing

2. The person should trust the guide.



I carry out selections in order to reveal a maturity.

Maturity is first of all responsibility, and selections form responsibility in followers.


My whole experience proves that it is necessary to devote the most time to those who are ready for radical changes


As a rule, the person who has no trust and is accordingly not mature, cannot follow me, since such people do not pass selections

 But trust arises partially in a flash, and partially from familiarity with the person.


Probably you can gather trust to Rama, Awakening Oasis, Leela Academy from information about Awakening Oasis presented for all reviving on this site, on YouTube channel RamaDivineLeela, from Rama books, on opened satsangs.


As a rule Rama does not guide any fanatical people who are not inclined to reflexion. Selections help him to meet those who are ready to go the way of consciousness and Game.


«If the follower sees the same way which I see, and which guides to complete Awakening, then everything will go right for us» - Rama says.


So a warm welcome to the Awakening Oasis. Here you will surely find much interesting information.


And those who would like to spiritually grow being guided by Rama, are welcome to enter Leela Academy.
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