Rama about his education

My medical and psychological education provides me with a set of tools to accompany awakening process and to make it more soft and effective at the same time.


Of course people who come to me for the first time want to know with whom they deal.


Disciplines which I studied professionally before the awakening are listed below. All diplomas and certificates are now laying in a table, whereas the knowledge I received are deeply integrated into my consciousness. 

1991-1997           Graduated from Tomsk State Medical University

1995-1998 – Su Jok therapy (prof. Pak Jae Woo, South Korea), Tomsk, Novosibirsk
1999 - Manual therapy, Institute of manual medicine, Vladivostok


1999 - Psychotherapy (Novokuznetsk, GIDUV)

1999 - Applied kinesiology (Smith, Great Britain), Vladivostok


2000 - Neurology, bertebroneurology, applied kinesiology      

           Novokuznetsk GIDUV (post graduate doctors' training institute)


2001 - Actual questions of psychotherapy, Novokuznetsk GIDUV (Baikal - Kotokel lake)


2000-2004 - Moscow Higher school of humanitarian psychotherapy (V.P.Krindach)  

2001-2002 - Ancient spiritual practices in modern psychotechnologies (M.Palchik)

2002 - Hypnosis,  "SK" condition Kandiba, St.-Petersburg


2003 - Family psychotherapy, Kulakov S.A., «Bekhterev readings» Vladivostok    

2003 - Psychiatry. Medical Academy of postgraduate education (MAPO), St.-Petersburg.   

2003 - Actor-director's course. A course of A.Grigoryanets director. Film school "Kadr", Lenfilm film     studio - St.-Petersburg.   

2003 - Psychopuncture .Hallim Kaler, Germany - St.-Petersburg.      

2003 - Psychodrama. Nifont Dolgopolov. Institute of psychodrama and Gestalt therapy, Moscow    
2003 - Creativity-Gatanov Yu.B. St.-Petersburg University.

2003 - Modern methods of group psychotherapy, leading of Dynamic groups (Bekhterev institute), Sankt - Petersburg R.K.Nazyrov.

2004 - Destiny psychology. Krindach V., Moskva

2004 - «Love Crises», Family ranking - M.Burnyashev, Moscow-Vladivostok

2004 - Existential psychotherapy. A.Podsadnyj «Bekhterev readings», St.- Petersburg - Vladivostok    

2005 - Applied kinesiology according to «Three in one» concept, Irkutsk.

2005 - Erickson hypnosis, Mikhail Ginzburg (Moscow)