Line of teachers

Line of Rama’s teachers.

In spiritual practices acquaintance with spiritual mentor begins with presentation of his teachers' line.


At acquaintance it is important that the searching person gets information where this teacher comes from, what are his origins, what is the background of his teaching.


As a rule teachers' line looks like some kind of a family tree, but a family of spiritual parents where each previous has transferred knowledge to the subsequent.


Line of teachers which I met is a bit different.


Before the meeting with my last teacher with whom I experienced my awakening, I was guided by mentors whose souls have already left corps. But they have built a basis of this line...
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Line of Rama’s teachers.


My spiritual development has begun with acquaintance with such gurus as Sri Chinmoy, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Osho, Namkhai Norbu, Ramana Maharshi, Babajee. These are the mentors I did not meet in the physical world, but felt invisible connection and support during spiritual prosperity.


The gurus who are alive and have directed me to enlightenment are Ramesh Balsekar, Sri Bagavat.


After the game "Enlightenment" there was a game "Full awakening" which delegated me authority to enter a way of spiritual teaching.

I join this Great company to serve Consciousness and to direct searching people to the exit from duality, from sufferings, from world of illusions to the LIFE REALITY.