Ramana Maharshi

 After draw of enlightenment happened in 2013, this year (2014) I had a draw "Full awakening" and transition to a path of a spiritual teaching.

I've never spoken about myself as about spiritual teacher before. And before the enlightenment I've never said what it is. After the enlightenment on one of satsangs I said there was a certain illusory fork where I could realize my further direction. At one of draws consciousness showed me clearly that I had an illusory choice to start family life and to live as the ordinary man or to devote the further existence in body to sharing my knowledge.

  Then I have distinctly realized all my previous life was just a preparation for the second way. Not that I was unable to lead  a family life, I had no reason to choose this way - it was not for me while the other way "lighted" my fire and promoted realisation of all psycho-physical aspects accumulated at physical, emotional, mental levels.
I did not expect the following draw in which I had to play in order to get blessing of the whole team of spiritual teachers and to join them.
 Spiritual teaching is a direct service. This is a service not for people, but for Consciousness.
 After this draw was played I start to perform the "ROLE" of Spiritual teacher consciously.
The world of spiritual teachers is immeasurably rich. Souls which have passed all temptations of Life and have escaped from seducing labyrinth of Consciousness, will reach this level inevitably.
This is like you start postgraduate study after the university.
 There is no end in spiritual development; each termination of a stage is the beginning of a new one.
 One day I will write about the draw "Full awakening" or the Definitive birth - exit to the other side.
Thus you remain in this illusory world and all you have to do is to help those people who are already mature for this.
  Besides those enlightened gurus I met in a body, and first of all Sri Bagavat, after awakening I was invisibly accompanied by three great teachers - Osho, Ramana Maharshi and Babajee.
 Now I would like to represent you Sri Raman Maharshi.
Meeting with Sri Raman Maharshi happened after discover of Leela game and my first awakening.
Once someone has shown me his photo, here it is

When I looked in his eyes something "clicked" in me silently.

  I've never wanted to visit India before, moreover I did not like hot climate at all. But in 6 months I arrived to India, to the bottom of Arunachala where Ramana Maharshi lived after his enlightenment.

I lived there for 6 winters. Though realization he is my teacher did not arise at once (only in the third year).

 In 6 years when I reached a certain maturity, in the same place, in Tiruvannamalai, at the bottom of Arunachala, I met clarified master Sri Bagavat.

 What happened with me after meeting him is called enlightenment. But after this it's all the same for you! There is no one for whom it would be important any more! He-he…

 So,Sri Ramana Maharshi (born Venkataraman Iyer) was born on December, 30th, 1879 in settlement Tiruchuli (in the South Indian state Tamil Nadu) in brahman's family.

 When he was 16 years old and studied in a college, he had death experience which led him to realization he is not a body, but immortal spirit. This changed himdramatically.

 Thus he became jnana (wise man), left his house and went to the sacred mountain Arunachala which is considered as embodiment of Shiva or Absolute, to the city of Tiruvannamalai where he remained till his physical death on April, 14th 1950.

 Having thrown away the rest of money, usual clothes and wearing only breechcloth, he used to live by tributes from pilgrims for a long time.

He kept mauna (silence) for a long; that is why when the first followers came to him, it was necessary to restore speech partially.

 In 1907 he became known as Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (Maharshi - South Indian pronunciation of the word «Maharishi» - «wise man», Ramana - acronym of Ventakaraman) - blest Lord Ramana, a great wise man.

 Ashram has grown around him and spread his teaching that natural, initial condition of the person is release which can be reached by self-research (atma-vichara), by search of answers and experiences on a question «Who am I?».

 Today Maharshi is considered as representative of neoadvaita. His basic method is meditative self-research through a question «Who am I?». Ramana asserts you have to learn yourself prior to learn the world around.

  "Your duty is to be, instead of being this or that". The words«I am real» enclose the Truth, and the practice method is summarised by two words:« be quiet». What does Quiet mean? It means «Destroy yourself» because any name and form are reasons of anxiety. «I am me»-  Atman, your true nature. «I am this or that »- ego, your illusory nature. When Self remain only as Self, this is the Atman. When it suddenly deviates and says «I am this or that» - this is already ego".

 Following method of Maharshi and asking «Who am I?», the seeker investigates origin, nature and source of "self" sensation. He discovers that "Self" which is generally considered to carry out all these practices, does not exist; it is just a semblance.

As a result he finds out the original nature - the unique Reality is the higher Self, absolute calmness which is not saddened by excitement; Uniform-without-second which nature is sat-chit-ananda (life-consciousness-joy).

You wonder: «Who am I?» and try to keep entirely mind concentrated for getting the answer to this question.

You'll get various unbidden thoughts trying to distract your attention.

However the "Self" idea is the source for all these thoughts. Therefore as soon as you get such thought, ask yourself preventing its development: «Who realises this thought?» The answer will be: "Me".

Then ask yourself: «Who is this ‘Me’ and where does it come from?»; thus the arisen thought will calm down.

In process of occurrence of such thoughts it is necessary to destroy them using self-research «Who am I?»

 When all thoughts disappear, the central, core thought - "Self, mind or ego - will cease to exist as well, and the true nature, true "Self" will shine alone - silently, spontaneously, impossible to be described by mind. This is something that can be experienced only after mind (i.e. thoughts) ceases to exist.

 Staying in the True nature (sanskrit - Atman), since ego, «I am body» thought have disappeared completely as the river flowed into the ocean - wise men call it Release (moksha-mukti).