Training principle

Invisible levels of consciousness play.

Consciousness game is invisible and inaccessible for comprehension by usual person.

It is hidden by ignorance veil from sleeping people.
And even when you are waking up, you may not notice it

But not be similar to mediocre people denying and criticising everything which is inaccessible for their understanding. If a blind man does not see the sun, it does not mean there is no sun at all.

Now I'm going to show you the way how you can open this game, start seeing it, how to wake up by satva from ignorance dream forced by maya. Catch the game feeling and start your travel to the full awakening by playing!

All so-called individuals, characters (consciousness identified with a body) should train in order to open the game.
 Since it is a game, and consciousness has entered ignorance by own fault and now has to get out of it, you should not be neither too serious, nor too light-minded.
After all everyone who opened a game had already passed certain stages of development, change of consciousness.

These stages can be characterised as follows:
Stage of becoming a hunter

All people who start to wake up have led unconscious life before. They were like automatic robots, like a boat tossed by life's waves.
But when waking up people suddenly start to notice they can live realising a life, noting dawn, taste of food, emotions, sensations, thoughts. People understand there is always a possibility to act consciously, reasonably in each situation, instead of reflex following of impulses

The development of consciousness is a key moment for becoming a HUNTER. The hunter is the first step to the game top - to level of OBSERVER. After all every hunter is first of all a vigilant observer.

Stage of becoming a warrior.

Then having found consciousness and starting to notice processes in mind, emotions, sensations, starting to see event and personal response to them, people start to understand they have both dark forces (maya forces), and bright forces (satva forces) at the same time.

They realize that all sufferings they face are connected with dark forces, and they have to overcome these forces in order to be released. This is a stage of becoming warrior-player.

The warrior has a firm intention to fight with dark forces, increasing the bright ones. The warrior way is full of difficult maya traps, such as: wish to get offenced, to blame and to feel guilty, greed, avidity, rage, jealousy, envy, vanity, lust, negative intelligence (critic), narcissism, sacrifice, sorrow and many others.

How can the warrior resist temptations and seductions,  how can he pass this way  and evade all maya traps? It is really difficult. But if you are in the game, there are always guides who will help you.

Missionary stage.

When the player becomes a mature warrior, satva force increases and starts to prevail over maya forces. At this moment the player discovers realising of soul  mission. Since tamas and radjas force weakens, the player is able to recollect mission of current incarnation.

The missionary stage is recognition of death illusiveness and exit from dual thinking.
It is a powerful push of leaving such concepts as well-bad, correct-incorrect, profitable-unprofitable, successful-unsuccessful etc. Duality illusions disturb the player rarely, as the player knows why he is here and follows mission of his soul

Formless player.

The way of missionary continues to strengthen satva forces. Though maya tries to keep the influence, satva forces do their part, and the player recollects who he is more and more clearly! This knowledge allows him to lose form. What does it mean? The player becomes impregnable; it is impossible to offend him, because he has recollected who he is and has ceased to identify himself with a form.


Observer level can not be discussed. All people on this level have found the main Gift of life! But you should learn through your own experience what kind of Gift it is:)

The training program in Leela Academy according to game levels:
1. Hunter
2. Warrior
3. Missionary
4. Formless player
5. Observer.

For Hunters, Warriors and Missionaries training program is implemented in special conditions which are retreats and remote games.

There is a possibility to have individual consultations of specially trained players of formless level (Open hearts).

Conditions of training of formless players and observers differ significantly.

Base for realisation of the game by players of formless level are game travels.

Players of formless level should be able to show all game skills in practice and to play in any conditions during game travels.

In 2014 Leela Academy offers the following countries for game travels: Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Latin America.

Game travels are intended for players of formless level and have a real degree of risk connected with 4 existential fears. Only players of formless level are able to play on this level.

Complexity of game travels is given in ascending order of asterisks:
Hong Kong *
South Korea **
Thailand ***
Latin America ******

Players of Leela Academy of formless level can take part in game travels.

At first the player has to pass the level of missionary to become a formless player.
Level of missionary assumes opening of mission and passing of two remote games (it lasts minimum 2 years)

All selections for game travels are carried out by Rama.

Criteria of maturity according to Rama:

1. Balance of material and spiritual aspects.
2. Experience of participation in DYNAMIC GROUPS.
3. Stable game during the last 2 years.
4. Personal individual consultations.
5. Ability to realise own tendencies to resist reality, ability to see protection, to transform reasons (fears) and ability to surrender.
6. Choice of the way. The player should define his spiritual way and make internal choice. Until it happens the player is not mature.
7.  Service.

Game travels involve application of all knowledge received in Leela Academy.