Difficulties of way. Disqualification.

Terms of training at the Academy of Leela.

  The way the game Leela is different from all other ways known to man.

For this reason, it can not be lightly on race - this course should come with proper care and respect.

Today, in our era when the public are offered all sorts of ways, leading to the so-called instant enlightenment, some people may be disappointed to discover that the Academy Lila promises to bestow the formula "The Way to the wonders for the lazy - for free."

We do not mean that students are not able to perform miracles - just to reach this level, you must pass a long and difficult training.

Accelerated courses lead to short careers, in addition, as you know, the lack of knowledge inevitably become dangerous knowledge.

It would be unfair to the players, to assure them that the way to play is easy, as it is too far from the truth.

Frankly, of all the possible ways way to play Leela is difficult.

Few people are prepared for the difficulties that accompany the attainment of knowledge, which is necessary for mastering the highest levels of this noble path.

And yet, given the fact that this path moving in small steps, any adult can cope with rather elementary practices incredibly improves the quality of his life.

  No one can give a man power

for the simple reason that the force is

a knowledge gained from experience.

Thus, to obtain a force must be

 able to stand in the battle for power, and before that

 moment of force itself constantly thrower call.

One of the principles of training at the Academy of Leela:

To obtain a force NEED Claim it.

 Remote play.

One of the main activities of the Academy of Lila, the participation of which is determined by the level of the playing status of the player, the game is remote.

 Winter remote games are played in the group option when the distance of a duration of one and a half months to two and a half, along with the selection + more 3 weeks, players of all levels are sent in a protracted rally, which spend their lives, to raise awareness, learning the skills of the game their level.

It is on the Winter Games involved the complete list of participants. All good players go the distance and confirm his status in the game, his game just in everyday life.

His example, how they play, the player's actions are divided in their reports, well, everyone, including the players of the Academy of Lila, read about it in the editions of the diary. These releases diary of remote gaming - show what it means to play.

Remote the games are played and the spring and summer, as well as in the individual formats.

    Not all players have the opportunity to come to the main retreats to Vladivostok in the spring, summer and fall, and there are players who have such a busy inner readiness and upon presentation of personal power are capable of very intense training that these players, distance learning opportunities throughout the year.

FIRST, any training is slow, but over time, it picks up speed and force as a rolling snowball.

HOWEVER genuine learning is quite different from the usual concept of Him.

  The ability to play the remote game (in addition to full-time retreats) is the main criterion by which a player gets in the game, and confirms the status of your game (Hunter, Warrior, Missionary, Formless player, observer).

    The ability to play the remote game shows above all the ability to be a player in an elevated tone of awareness and not sleep, and complain, and awake to play. It is primarily an indication of its level of development.

The player's goal is to experience all possible perceptions available to man. This is called full knowledge, and it leads to a different way of death.

Your ability to play and change depends on the maturity and mature you make the events of life and its lessons.

No you can not change because you change life itself.

The player has the only option:


IS NOT NO flawlessly for players worthy of attention elections.

 The rule of "Suspended" in the Academy of Leela to participate in events.

It often happens that a man comes to study at the Academy of Leela having no inner maturity.

Despite the self-esteem and lived experience, as well as, seeming to him a high degree of alertness, the Academy Lila all players, each time claiming to participate in any event -That (drawing power) - have the right to present their view of (present personal power) .

 The Academy Lila- there are selection rules that test the harmonious development of the student from the student is required to demonstrate how the development of the spiritual component and material.

You can not fly with only one wing. You need two wings - external and internal, material and spiritual, visible and invisible. In this case, you fully completed human being. Do you belong to both worlds, both external and internal, enjoy them both and love them.

 Disqualifications are subject, students who are not able to pass on the activities of the Academy selections Leela.

 As a rule, the main reasons why players can not qualify:

Doubts, suspicions (requires development time).

The lack of internal discipline (development takes time)

Do not present the possibility of personal power on the material level (requires development time).

Not studied of what he thinks he has to explore, students become victims of their own doubts and suspicions, and it very quickly COVERED depletes the feeling of fear - fear, with frightening rapidly increases as the pupil to focus on ITS EFFORTS TO UNDERSTAND ITS CAUSES . An irresistible temptation for the rational mind is a desire to surrender to fear. BUT IN THIS INDULGIRUYA temptation MIND he kills himself.


 Leela Academy is not engaged in the preparation of these spheres, which relate more to the stages of learning prior learning at the Academy of Leela.

 But the real reason why people can not qualify, is not that he lacks self-discipline and physical strength, but because he is still just inside not ready to knowledge to the disclosure of awakening.

 ... Way «Leela» is somewhat similar to climbing a sheer rock face - at first glance, it seems impossible, but then we see a crack, for which you can grab a hand, or a projection that allows to put the foot - and then begin to rise, revealing all new cracks and ledges.

But the golden rule of this recovery is to look up only to find another crack, and never look down, avoiding the attacks of fear of falling.

Long way to the top of the rock, but what is the accomplishment of what freedom is and what power!

- And it all starts with simple exercises.

However, it is in them, each student is faced with the difficulty of the first - the fact that it looks too easy and too simple.

Axiom for the Academy Players Leela, is the fact that everything that has the power, rarely - if ever - attracted attention as the rational mind usually seeks to academic difficulty.

Therein lies the difficulty Path - not in academic difficulty, but, paradoxically, in its apparent prostote.Mnogie his teachings are so thinned that with ease and rapidity overlooked filled with enthusiastic novice.

   The Academy recommends that Lila disqualified players to continue to engage in and wait for the corresponding maturity. When it comes zrelost- no prepyatstviy- have one opportunity ... and that you can see from the game - active players. All current players capable of playing all year, passed this stage of maturation.

Warriors rushed CHALLENGE POWER Use any means.

 Disqualification from participation in the activities shall be subject to the same players who:

Not passing some selections for the event to apply for other activities, do not go there ... then the selections are applying again for other events ...

Disqualification means the temporary restriction of participation in the activities of the Academy of Lila, so do not mature participant in the moment.

Leela Academy appoints the duration of the disqualification (the time to ensure that players have changed life).

During this time, the way a person can make the decision to quit teaching at the Academy of Leela, which is also a draw of consciousness, a kind of test of his sincere desire to learn and to choose the way.

But if it passes the test of time, endurance, dedication, evinces humility, modesty - the path may take it again.

Disqualifications Rule - is aimed at the players to develop a sense of responsibility.

Having applied for the event, the player (as necessarily inherently warriors) must be prepared to undergo selection. They are obviously not easy.

If you are unable to pass any stage of the selection, the recognition of the inadequacy of personal power, should the player make clear about their level of personal power, self-esteem and further more careful and responsible choice in any drawings at the Academy Leela him to play and how often.

Already at this stage, all the players are accustomed to playing the main draw of the knowledge that a player can get only if he is willing to go all the way ... Imagine bullfighter went out to battle with the bull, after a while said, "I'm not ready!". And the bull is already rushing at him ...

It is impossible to say consciousness: I am not ready to play, wait ... when you go to the game with the Consciousness and even more so wish, to make the game opened tebe- you should know that in this game there is no stop, she did not know the word ... I can not just play at any time time, in any state.


Sangha Academy Lila wants to catch the feeling of the game everyone wants to play.

The main secret of the game is the ability of the student to see her.

You either see it and then play or not, then you are an ordinary person.

But to open the vision of the game you need to expand consciousness. This can be done with the help of a practitioner who teaches at levels Academy Lila Hunter, warrior, missionaries, Formless player Observer).

    Moving along the way, players will experience:

feeling dazed that they experience when they begin to realize, first, that the world looks the way we see it, but because of the peculiarities of our perception and, secondly, that in a different perception of the world, our understanding of it, seemed such inviolable completely changed.

 the amazing infinity, they are beginning to feel when comprehend the unfathomable mystery and extent of human awareness.

the ultimate paradox, which is the ability of a person to perform any act - physical, emotional and mental - beyond ordinary human understanding.

 Play it!

With love, Sangha Oasis Awakening.