Oasis is a place of awakening realization players a sincere desire to serve the good of others.

The service is an ongoing practice that:

1) At the level of the hunter, the soldier, the missionary helps dissolve karma and redemption form of anger, greed, vanity, greed, desires sensual pleasures, envy, jealousy, violence, selfishness, negative intelligence ...

2) At the level of the player is a formless means disidentification from the ego and the identification with the Unity Consciousness.

  Oasis Awakening how the organization operates, through the work of Karma Yoga Academy players Leela.

 That is Karma Yoga (Selfless Service) at the Oasis Awakening can be viewed and read below by clicking on the links:

1. Interview with Lama John Chen:

2.Intervyu Sri Bagavat (1,2,3,4 part):

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3. Leela Yoga. Service.

4. Serving as a practice identify itself with the ego. Satsang with Rama Divine Leela.

                                            Sangha Oasis Awakening awakening ministry carried out (sattwic) forces Consciousness.

Players Sangha Oasis Awakening also involved in educational activities of the Academy of Leela (the project "Open Heart" project "Transfer", "Pablisher" project).