Everything has its price; if you want something, offer something of equal value the world in exchange...

Donation literally means giving a Gift.

Donation is a part of practices in Awakening Oasis and in Leela Academy, and particularly it is the way for presentation of personal power of the player:

Personal power is knowledge and skills of the player at present. The player can renew his skills by giving what is important for him, and thus receiving new skills and values instead of given ones.


All players in the game aspire to get COGNITION OF TRUTH.


Experience of truth is the most important Gift which player can find in the game. But this Gift depends much on FAVOUR of consciousness.

 As a rule the consciousness should have mercy on the player and open him the truth through experience.


Donation of personal power is a Gift to consciousness. And if the player gives this Gift with open heart, with sincere generosity, he creates favourable preconditions for consciousness to have mercy.


Some players make Gift with open heart, with full confidence to existence.... The other give their Gifts as some kind of payment (just like they usually pay for some services).


Making Gift in such a state of mind, as a rule, creates no preconditions for consciousness to have mercy. It accepts such Gift just as it has been done, and reacts in similar way.

Remember that principle of boomerang, reflexion is one of key principles of consciousness.

Everything comes back to you in the way you've released something from you.

This explanation is important for the player to strengthen preparatory possibilities of this stage of selection and to play perfectly.


And those who try to take everything without giving something in exchange... Who want to consume, take without giving... Who are moaning like a parasite "I want this, I want that, but I can not give anything in exchange..." Or those who say spirituality should be free - such things do not happen... There's no such thing as a free lunch... The Life will take something anyway. But now the payment will be similar to your relation, perhaps you'll have to pay by your health, freedom, material losses; the life will think up how...


Usually such people do not pass selections and remain to MATURE at first. We give them room for mistake with Love and compassion, and we continue further cognition of deep value of the donation.


Many of us have made mistakes in the past which make us blush with shame.

  • Donation is also Repentance concerning actions made in condition of ignorance which burden our karma now. In this case sincere donation is a way of REPENTANCE and bringing corrections to negative actions made. 
  • Such repentance can mollify consciousness and bring it on such a level at which you will cease to indulge your tendencies in similar situations  in the future, and will be able not only to abstain from them, but also to make actions directed on Creation and consent with reality.
  • When you sacrifice your personal power (money, work (service)) to the game fund which means are spent to open the game for new players, thus you send a part of energy in pure satva space. Energy comes back to you from this space according to the boomerang rule, and this energy excels your Gifts in many times.

This returning of energy is an effect of a certain Divine favour which is able to dispel your negative karma (fruits of your previous destructive deeds), assuming you cognize and repent them.


Donation of personal power to satva sources promotes dissolution of your tendencies through realization of their negative influence, consequences, and repentance. Whereas any expenditure of money (your personal power) for getting something only strengthen your Ego and its tendencies.

  •    And finally, donation is giving a Gift from Gratitude (to all teachers, all characters who promoted your awakening till this moment and to Consciousness (God)). Making gift from gratitude opens your heart and mind for cognition of TRUTH.

The one who takes – fills up the hands, 

The one who gives – fills up the heart.