Tuesday 21 November, 2017

The Himalayas (parable)

Once upon a time, the owner of one luxurious palace asked a talented artist to draw the real Himalayas on the walls of the building.


Friday 17 November, 2017

Alpha rhythm of the brain-access to unlimited possibilities and hidden reserves ...

You've probably heard that there are alpha, gamma, beta, delta, theta rhythms of the brain, each of which carries its own functions and opens its possibilities.

So ... Most of our life we ​​live in beta and gamma ranges ...

... while access to unlimited possibilities and hidden reserves is in a different range - in the alpha-rhythm.

  • There is a hidden mechanism of self-healing.
  • There lies unlimited access to money.
  • There is success, career rise, recognition.
  • There the meeting with love of all life, a strong family and warm relations with children and parents was lost.


Wednesday 15 November, 2017

Rinse the mouth with oil: vegetable oil draws toxins.

Vegetable oils since antiquity have been used to cleanse the mouth, draw toxins. In addition, vegetable oil positively affects the enamel of the teeth, contributes to its bleaching. It is proved that with regular cleaning of the mouth with vegetable oil, the gums health improves, effective removal of harmful bacteria that can accumulate in the language.

How to clean with oil? This is a very easy and fast process, which is recommended in the morning. To do this, put into your mouth 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (olive, sunflower) and keep it in your mouth for a short time (15-20 minutes).


Monday 13 November, 2017

Magic cleaning: just to put things right in the house

"Order in the house = order in life!"

Tired of indefinitely bringing order to the house? Do not need! There is a way to clean up once and for all.

Today Japanese Mari Kondo is known all over the world: her book "Magic cleaning. Japanese art of bringing order home and in life "in a short time became a bestseller and was published in more than 30 countries.

From the age of 5, Marie liked flipping through women's magazines, viewing photos of delicious dishes and reading about how to remove stains from fat or save money. "The articles on storage methods inspired me to turn cardboard bags from milk into boxes for my desk drawers," Marie says in her book. Looking at her daughter's infatuation, her parents thought that an ideal housewife would grow out of it, but she invented her cleaning method, began helping people get rid of the rubbish in their homes and earned millions on it. And all because "KonMari method" really works ...


Friday 10 November, 2017

How the soul chooses a new life.

Reading this article, remember that everything about souls is a conceptual view and at the level of the spectrum of Consciousness, this level is no longer personal, but also not the Consciousness of Unity. All the talk of this kind refers to the personal spectrum of Consciousness.
... After the soul has rested and works lessons of the last life, it is time to a new incarnation. This solution comes in different ways.
In the world of souls there is no time, time exists only on the Earth. And entering into life during the viewing of the future incarnation one can meet his soul in some person who already passes the lesson. But not everything is allowed to see. Part of life is hidden from the heart. This is done to verify the ability of the soul to make decisions.


Monday 06 November, 2017

Cartoon "The Beginning of Life" ...

Nothing serious, so-so, for loosening up the assembly point :)


Saturday 04 November, 2017

Approved schedule of private seminars and retreats with Rama for the spring (March-April) 2018.

The Leela Academy, announces a new approved timetable of in-person seminars and retreats with Rama, which will be held in Russia (in Primorye) in the spring of 2018 from March to April:

In 2018, Rama will hold:

  • the program of private seminars devoted to the Hunt for Power through the study of Psychogenetics "Hunting for Strength." Psychogenetics. 1,2,3 part
  • and the program of internal retreats, dedicated to preparing for a total "surrender", "Consent to reality." 1,2,3 part


Tuesday 31 October, 2017

Project "Awakening of Health" in action. Seminar on October 28-29, Vladivostok.

October 28, 29, in Vladivostok, the two-day workshop "The gift of being a Hunter: Hunting for Strength" was completed.

From the very beginning, the participants succeeded in creating an atmosphere of trust and acceptance of each other, so that during the seminar, they can contribute to their own internal transformation and changes realized in the transformation based on the knowledge gained and the internal work done.

About the nearest events at the Leela Academy:

  • On November 24, from 18.00 to 20.00 in Vladivostok, a practical lesson will be held for all participants in the on-site retreats and seminars with Rama. The lesson will be held in the Amursky Gulf Hotel (Naberezhnaya 9), details can be specified by phone: 8 914 712 32 43 Tatiana (Pearl).
  •   And on December 2,3 in Nakhodka the last practical seminar of Rama will be held in 2017.
  • The further program of in-person seminars with Rama starts in March and April 2018. In the spring of next year, all the seminars of Rama will pass through the prism of immersion in psychogenetics.


Saturday 28 October, 2017

Panic attacks: what is it and how to deal with them?

In October and November 2017. Rama conducts individual consultations as a psychotherapist in Nakhodka and Vladivostok (Primorsky Krai).
As we already wrote earlier, people with the diagnosis of Vegeto-vascular dystonia (VSD) became the most frequent reason for seeking help in consultations.
In this article, we would like to deal with one of the manifestations of Vegeto-vascular dystonia - Panic ATTACKS.

Panic attacks are sudden attacks of intense fear accompanied by physical symptoms: rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, nausea, sweating, chest pain. Unlike phobias, attacks of fear are not associated with an object or situation, they develop on an equal footing. Simply put, a phobia is when you are afraid of something specific (planes, enclosed spaces, etc.), and a panic attack is when you are simply afraid. It is not known what.


Tuesday 24 October, 2017

ॐ Before ॐ or afterword to the autumn retreat.

Last weekend, Vladivostok hosted the final retreat of this full-time meeting with Rama.

At the beginning of the cycle of reincarnations, you agreed in each new life to receive a certain lesson in order to prepare for this, the most important incarnation.

  •  in one life you learned to sacrifice,
  • in the other - to be true,
  • in the third - to communicate with people, and so on.

    So you got all the necessary lessons and studied all areas of human experience.

    Then you made the decision to return to Earth again and in this life all aspects of your being have already been touched - spiritual, creative, emotional and so on. Probably, many of you think that in this incarnation you have already lived not one but several difficult lives.

    Now, in this physical incarnation, it's time for you ...