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Wednesday 18 July, 2018

Release 8. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

You are your deep desire motivating you.

What is your desire, this is your will.

What is your will, these are your actions.

What are your actions, such is your destiny.

                         (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad).

The world is a dream in the mind of the Lord, who dreams through us from moment to moment in the endless dance of Creation. This is a great dance, and this is an amazing time in which we live ...

Unconscious healing occurs when a person does not understand the causes of the blocks leading to manifestations of dissatisfaction and suffering.

Late never happens, because you must know that the process of the evolution of souls embraces many incarnations and even a seemingly fleeting awakening is placed in the piggy bank of the next incarnations. Perhaps, someday, in one of the following incarnations, this soul will one day wake up definitively, brightens from the dream of ignorance.

Conscious healing is characterized by the fact that it happens to a person who has started to awaken consciously, and he is aware of what he wants to heal, while he realizes that one can be healed only completely by awakening from ignorance.

All those who want to learn the game, as well as acting players playing on their own, you can play together with us, learning from the examples of the game of active players.

Reading Diary from Remote Games, you can be charged with the ability to play even when it would seem that Life has given you "bad cards" ...


Monday 09 July, 2018


Saturday 07 July, 2018

Release 7. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

All experiences, no matter how beautiful or terrible, last only a certain time. This is the nature of all experiences.

They come to the player, last for a while, and then disappear away, just as they came.

But this is not the case in the case of "liberation". If "liberation" came one day, it does not disappear, it is preserved forever.

If someone is RELEASED, he does not need practices that support RELEASE. This is the nature of RELEASE.

The game for the main Gift of LIFE-EXTENSION - continues :)

And now you can find out how the players in their current rallies are fighting for the main Gift:


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Tuesday 03 July, 2018

Silence. The story of one Awakening.

I was born in a prosperous, loving family, a family with wealth, but from childhood there was dissatisfaction, a deep sense of loneliness, separation, discontent with myself.
In search of love, my dream of creating a family with a loving, considerate and wise husband, romantically caring, dedicating songs to me, poems was fulfilled.
The family took place, the son was born, in the family a full cup in all respects, everything that dreamed of came true. But the suffering continued, because there was a strong dissolution in the husband, affection for him and inner dissatisfaction overshadowed my existence.
In 2005, I fell for a psychological course to Rama. Since then, I stayed here.


Monday 02 July, 2018

Hachi. The story of my Awakening.

My awakening began unconsciously in my childhood. It was expressed in some search for something divine and was accompanied, as it seemed to me at that time, by constant incessant suffering ...
I, as it were, "did not get used to, did not fit" into the general picture of social life ... Everything was not right and wrong. And this condition made me look ...

To say that I'm grateful ... Of course, I want to sing, shout, dance, laugh from Gratitude. And Gratitude in the depths of my heart originated and lives. Thank you for this incarnation. For this gift, For all that is mine, that I need so much to live and accept - it's so exciting!
With love!


Wednesday 27 June, 2018

Release 6. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

You are mistaken if you think that it is worthwhile for you only to embark on the path of spiritual growth, as all your life will immediately be transformed.
In fact, everything happens like this. You are on one of the lower floors of a skyscraper. You are tired of being so low, so you sit in the elevator and press one of the last buttons. The elevator starts to move, and for a while you feel only movement, not knowing yet what you are closer to, earth or clouds. Then the door opens, you go out and find out that everything looks exactly the same as on the lower floor that you just left. You are disappointed, but it does not last long, until you come to the window. It will be enough for you to look once through the window to understand-you are a completely different kind before you!
At this level, you hardly want to look down at the stormy activities in the very center of which you once were. On the contrary, you will abandon everything that is under your feet, and look your way to the new horizons.
So, not your life should completely change, but only your attitude towards it. Look at the circumstances of your existence with other eyes and try to get rid of attachment to your old role ....
Well, but how the players played their roles in their drawings, now we find out:


Monday 25 June, 2018

It's only the beginning! Or all :)

The article is in the status of completed.
Well, in this perceived world, everything moves without stopping and the 10 day retreat "Diving inside of yourself" is behind us.
But before we touch on the processes that took place on the retreat, I would like to tell you that periodically * Rankings of Regrets * are compiled in different countries. People aged 70-80-90 years are asked about what they most regret at the end of life.
And the TOP-4 has remained unchanged for many years *.
1. The first place is the regret that most of life was given to unloved work.
end of life.
And TOP-4 for many years already
2. On the second - that so little time was devoted to loved ones.
3. Further on the list is the regret that they were so barbaric about their body: they did not eat properly, did not feed the body and did not do disease prevention.
4. And closes TOP-bitterness from the fact that they did not have time to see the world.
* And no one, NOBODY, does not regret that he did not have enough apartments, cars, iPhones.
No one regrets that he spent little time in nightclubs or idle chatter. Everyone regrets only one thing: that they did not have the courage to live the way they want.
Well, we turn to the narrative of the past retreat:
It was one of the deepest dives in oneself, during all the retreats held at the Academy of Leela.