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Friday 05 January, 2024

The Parable of the perception of what is happening

Once again, the old man said: "You continue to try I do not know the whole story, and nobody knows judgment is frozen state of mind Do not judge, or you will never become one with the whole...."

In fact, the journey never ends. One of the ends, but another begins, one door closes, another - opens. You reach the top, but there is another, higher.

Life is a never-ending journey!


Wednesday 06 December, 2023


Monday 20 November, 2023

The parable of the master and the pupil.

Master smiled and wisely said: - This is your most important lesson in life. Your laziness is quite possible to win wisdom. You do not understand the word "measure". First, I should not have to start watering the first plants that are closer to the well, they could you pour in the end, even if you are completely exhausted. Second: You should not have to type the full buckets of water, when you go to the edge of the garden, it is better to go two or three times, and while not straining to fulfill our plans than overstrain with full buckets reaching to the middle of the way to break out of the forces. Third, as you kept a third of my garden, you can continue learning and to correct his mistake.


Wednesday 11 October, 2023

Parable. God will not do for you what you are able to do himself.

One student arrived at the tent of his teacher - Sufi. He got down from the camel went straight to the tent ...


Friday 28 July, 2023


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Thursday 04 November, 2021

Voltaire. Zadig or Fate.

Voltaire is a world celebrity, he is recognized as one of the most widely read philosophers. This is a brilliant and at the same time deep thinker who is concerned with the fundamental questions of morality and the meaning of life, the theme of death, religion. We present to you a passage, the moral of which is reflected in its title.

   Once, Azora returned from a walk in strong anger, loudly expressing her indignation.

- What's wrong with you, my dear spouse? - asked Zadig. - Who are you so angry?

“You would be just as indignant,” she replied, “if you saw what I was witnessing right now.” I visited a young widow Kozra, who buried two years ago her young spouse on the bank of a stream washing the meadow. Grieving inconsolably, she made a vow to the gods not to leave there until the waters of the stream run out ...


Wednesday 16 September, 2020

On the way of the warrior.

Look! That Way - a shining thread,
Where balancer is perfection.
Here - The Way! At the end of the path -
Merging with God for eternity!


Monday 07 September, 2020