Tuesday 30 June, 2020

Instructions for those who have forgotten, which came at the birth :)

1. You shall have 7 different bodies and sleeping consciousness - you'll have to constantly awaken, develop and improve them. Perceive calm that will be simultaneously in different dimensions, and the whole world is within you.

2. You will have to go to school called Life on Planet Earth. Every person and every event - Universal Teacher ...


Thursday 25 June, 2020


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Tuesday 31 December, 2019


Tuesday 27 August, 2019


Once in Tibet lived a famous Lama named Drome. Once Drome saw a man who performed the bypass stupa.


Friday 23 August, 2019

Voltaire. Zadig or Fate.

Voltaire is a world celebrity, he is recognized as one of the most widely read philosophers. This is a brilliant and at the same time deep thinker who is concerned with the fundamental questions of morality and the meaning of life, the theme of death, religion. We present to you a passage, the moral of which is reflected in its title.

   Once, Azora returned from a walk in strong anger, loudly expressing her indignation.

- What's wrong with you, my dear spouse? - asked Zadig. - Who are you so angry?

“You would be just as indignant,” she replied, “if you saw what I was witnessing right now.” I visited a young widow Kozra, who buried two years ago her young spouse on the bank of a stream washing the meadow. Grieving inconsolably, she made a vow to the gods not to leave there until the waters of the stream run out ...


Tuesday 04 June, 2019


Tuesday 25 September, 2018

Parable. "Take a Break!"

After another late late at the office, Father came into the room of his young son Johnny, when he was already going to sleep. Johnny asked: "Dad, how much do you get paid for an hour of work?"


Friday 21 September, 2018

Parable. Kernels.

Those who are afraid to take risks and move forward, life is necessarily "peck ".