Wednesday 14 September, 2022

What is gestalt.

"You Just Need to Close the Gestalt" - such advice can be heard from well-wishers. But in order to understand what a gestalt is and to correctly use this concept, you need to abstract yourself from psychotherapy for a while and turn to the psychology of perception.

In a literal translation from German, Gestalt means "Form, View, Figure," and the derived word "Gestaltung" is "design." Other more or less suitable in meaning Russian analogues - "Integrity", "structure" and "model."

In fact, the "Figure", Gestalt, can be any process - a passion for someone, a quarrel or a business started.

We remember the unfinished processes better - this phenomenon is called the "Zeigarnik effect" named after the Soviet psychologist Blumy Zeigarnik. While still a student, she noticed that the waiters in the cafe perfectly remember all the outstanding orders and immediately forget the ones done. Later, Zeigarnik conducted a series of experiments that confirmed that unfulfilled tasks create a certain tension in human memory.


Thursday 11 August, 2022

Who are you without your spiritual history?

  • Please do not talk to me about "pure awareness" or "living in the absolute."
    I want to see how you feel about your partner.
    To your children, parents, to your precious body.
  • Please do not give me a lecture on the illusion of a particular self or how you have achieved permanent bliss in just 7 days.
     I want to feel the genuine warmth coming from your heart.
     I want to hear how well you can listen.


Friday 12 November, 2021


Thursday 10 June, 2021

What we create is what we are.

 We are born in the body given to us by God, but when we are forty, we find ourselves in the body that we created ourselves. And this body is less expressive, less alive than it could be, because many of us do not live with the body. We perceive it as a "body" or "my body" as an extraneous object, as if it were a table or a chair in a room. We seem to say: "I use the body, but I have a vague understanding that it is me." But if the body is rigid and inflexible, if it is clamped and taut, unassembled and heavy - it means that these qualities are in the mind.

In the deepest sense, movement is the flow of energy that drives all life as a whole. We move all 24 hours a day, that is, the movement for us is a natural being, and therefore in motion we can discover so much new about ourselves.


Saturday 07 November, 2020

Magic cleaning: just to put things right in the house

"Order in the house = order in life!"

Tired of indefinitely bringing order to the house? Do not need! There is a way to clean up once and for all.

Today Japanese Mari Kondo is known all over the world: her book "Magic cleaning. Japanese art of bringing order home and in life "in a short time became a bestseller and was published in more than 30 countries.

From the age of 5, Marie liked flipping through women's magazines, viewing photos of delicious dishes and reading about how to remove stains from fat or save money. "The articles on storage methods inspired me to turn cardboard bags from milk into boxes for my desk drawers," Marie says in her book. Looking at her daughter's infatuation, her parents thought that an ideal housewife would grow out of it, but she invented her cleaning method, began helping people get rid of the rubbish in their homes and earned millions on it. And all because "KonMari method" really works ...


Saturday 10 October, 2020

Your vibrational level determines your life experience.

 Your vibration is the energy that you transmit to the outside, as well as the energy that you attract to yourself, like a magnet. You draw into your life those experiences that vibrate in unison with the vibration emitted by you.

You can not recognize / not see this, you can try to deceive yourself and shift responsibility to another ... but in fact,
what you are broadcasting, you get!

Your vibrational level determines your life experience.

High Vibration
When you vibrate at a high level, your life is full ...


Friday 28 August, 2020

The secret of a long life is to eat right and love everything you do.

Leyla Alice Denmark (English Leila Alice Denmark) years of life (1898 - 2012) - died at 115 years of life. A great loss. The American pediatrician, one of the developers of pertussis vaccine, was the oldest practicing pediatrician in the world, retiring at the age of 103 in May 2001. The doctor lived 114 years, during which she helped hundreds of people become healthier.

She is one of the few hundred and ten-year-olds who are known not only for their longevity.

The secret of a long - life is to eat right and love everything you do. When you do what you do not like, it's work. When you do what you love, it's a game. I have not worked a day in my life.


Wednesday 12 March, 2020

Hidden meanings of questions.

Each question has its hidden meaning, and if it is correctly answered, do they create the right reactions and intensify the results?
It would seem that it could be easier than asking a question?
However, there are many rules and varieties of questions in the Russian language.
In addition, their use in conversation always depends on the speech situation.
Let's now analyze all types of questions in more detail in this article.
What are the questions in Russian?
In this article we will consider 5 types of questions. There is also a number of other classifications, the number of questions in which can vary, but today we will dwell on this.


Sunday 10 November, 2019


Monday 07 October, 2019

To avoid suffering, go straight to the pain.

Shinzen Young, one of the oldest American mindfulness teachers. Awareness makes possible exceptional satisfaction from comparatively small joys, whereas an addicted person must constantly increase the number or intensity of incentives in order to receive the same satisfaction as before.

At some point in your life, something will happen to you that really "hooks" on you: you will get sick, or get injured, or someone will betray you. Sooner or later, but something serious will happen.

If you are prepared, training and developing three basic skills of concentration, clarity and balance, you can use discomfort the same way monks, hermits and shamans have been doing this for thousands of years.

You do not need to run to the monastery to get rid of discomfort, because you learned how to run to discomfort, and thus - the monastery comes to you yourself.

Life itself will provide you with enough intensive practice, on the basis of which you can grow and develop if you are ready to perceive it.