The secret of a long life is to eat right and love everything you do.

Thursday 08 March, 2018

Leyla Alice Denmark (English Leila Alice Denmark) years of life (1898 - 2012) - died at 115 years of life. A great loss. The American pediatrician, one of the developers of pertussis vaccine, was the oldest practicing pediatrician in the world, retiring at the age of 103 in May 2001. The doctor lived 114 years, during which she helped hundreds of people become healthier. She is one of the few hundred and ten-year-olds who are known not only for their longevity.

1953 was the "Woman of the Year" in Atlanta. The author of the book on caring for children "Every child should have a chance". She retired in 2001 due to problems with her vision. Every day for 70 years I examined 20-25 patients. She called the children angels. HAVE NOT ADVISED TO THE PREGNANT TO DRINK COFFEE, AND THE CHILDREN GIVE THE COW FOR MILK. I did not use sugar. I drank only water.

Below are some of Leyla's quotes:

  • The secret of a long life is to eat right and love everything you do. When you do what you do not like, it's work. When you do what you love, it's a game. I have not worked a day in my life.
  • Wealth is when you have something to give to those who need it. If I had a million, I would give it to the poor.
  • It takes a lot of stupid people to make the rich even richer.
  • Never take anything you can not pay for.
  • Many people think about tomorrow. But is it worth it? Tomorrow may not come.
  • Being a good mother or father is the only worthwhile job on earth. The most expensive thing that children can have in their life is their parents.
  • When the child stops sucking her mother's breast: no tea, no coffee, no Coca-Cola. Only water. From cow's milk, children become anemic. The calf, when it stops sucking the udder, goes to the pasture. He only eats grass. And how healthy, strong grows. I've never tried Coca-Cola, tea or coffee. From 7 months I drank only pure water.
  • Sometimes, my mother complains: "Well, why did my child do this?". And I say: look in the mirror. Children, like a sponge, absorb everything they see.
  • Education is out of fashion. Children do not receive advice from their parents. They do not send their children.
  • Being a woman is fine. There has never been any doubt about this.
  • Not poverty harms people, but lack of attention, indifference.
  • I always listened very carefully to what my husband said. Did everything with pleasure, that asked. It's the same way. I loved mountains and camping. He - too. It was fun for us to live together.
  • Never do or say what you want to forget.
  • In any situation, you need to maintain a sense of humor.
  • Do not take the baby who is crying. You can raise, check if it is dry, but do not nurse. The child should cry up to 8 hours a day. This is part of the development of his lungs. Let him cry while small. Otherwise, you will cry when you grow up.
  • I do not claim that my methods are the only correct ones. I'll never tell another specialist that his prescription is wrong. The choice is for the parents. Only they can know what is best for the child. I practiced pediatrics for 75 years. All the time these methods worked.
  • They do not write to me at the reception. You never know when a child will get sick.
  • Would you like to lie and chew the whole day? No. Then why do you give children a pacifier?
  • The most important thing you can do is to have a positive impact on at least one person.
  • It is our blessing to live in this world, right now. We can say that everything is bad. But everything will be bad later. There.



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