Seminar "On the Main-2". Afterword.

Monday 10 July, 2017

Happiness does not have tomorrow,

He does not have yesterday,

It does not remember the past

and does not think about the future.

He has only the present.

And that's not the day. And a moment.

I.S. Turgenev.

On Sunday, the second one-day seminar of Rama, On the Main-2 took place.

At this seminar, the participants got acquainted with the technique of tracking down their condition in detail.
  •  An ordinary person lives mostly in the head. That is, he constantly thinks (he knows how life should be arranged) and is identified mainly with thoughts and ideas.

But we also have a body! There are feelings and sensations with the body!

  •  But an ordinary person prefers not to notice the body and live with the help of feelings and sensations, but prefers to think! And to live in the head.

For example, remember when your body spoke well, some kind of weakness, discomfort, do not buy it! But you did not notice him and, ignoring, listened to your mind - I need this, I can explain why I need it ... and then it turned out that you bought some bad product or thing you did not fit ...

  • But this is only an episode, and in general an ordinary person, living a life, tries to avoid feeling it, because feelings are often very painful, and an ordinary person does not want to meet with pain, and avoids it, ceases to notice his body, and with it, natural feelings and sensations of the body!

This opens a direct road to disease, as a person notices the body's signals that something is not right when they just started, and then when the pain or disabilities of the function become obvious and already require treatment.

  • Each participant of the seminar was set up to observe his body and live it through the awareness of feelings and sensations.

Also, participants in the seminar got acquainted with what natural feelings and destructive.

Natural feelings:
  • Anger, joy, happiness, anxiety, sadness, fear

Destructive emotions:

  • Resentment, guilt, pity, despondency, shame, destructive fear panic, destructive anxiety.

If we live natural feelings - we accept reality, such as it, is and move on (we have no problems and we do not have problems as such at the moment)

But if we do not accept reality, such as it is, we expose destructive feelings, such as resentment, guilt, pity, etc.

Then we slow down the reality and form the so-called blocks in the body (places of stress, where diseases are subsequently formed).

With the help of our first practice: Tracking down our state, we can find the problem and formulate it - we can immediately see its solution.
  •  If this is an insult - you need to accept something and forgive. Weak never forgive. The ability to forgive this property is strong. But forgiveness - and resentment - is not the root, the root is the ability not to be offended.
  •  If it's a fault - to forgive oneself of letting this person go (stop taking responsibility for it) is not affection. Attachment is stupidity and a thirst for pain!
  •  If it's a pity, stop feeling sorry and do not interfere with God to teach this person. To see God.

The Seminar On the Main-2 was the last introductory seminar, before the start of the training of the three day workshops, which will be held in autumn in Nakhodka and Vladivostok.

  During the autumn training of 3 days of seminars, participants will immerse themselves in the world of HUNTING by force and through transformation, already, in the process of learning, begin their transformation and transformation into Hunters, and then Warriors, on the Path to Light.




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