Thursday 16 February, 2023

Building Internet Ashram Oasis Awakening.

At present Sangha Oasis Awakening working on the project of construction of the Ashram Oasis Awakening online space.
Ashram is called "Satya Loka".
Satya Loka is a Sanskrit word Satya-loka - the world is the truth. It was called even Brahma Loka - seventh and uppermost of the seven heavens, the earth surrounding the representations of Vedic cosmography. Satya Loka is the seat of Brahma and never exposed to destruction.


Saturday 09 May, 2020

Meditation with Rama in the Internet of the Sathya Loka Ashram.

Friends, modern Internet technologies, allow us to meet in the same space, even if we are separated by the vast expanses of the oceans and thousands of kilometers of land.

We are pleased to announce that on December 26th, a general meditation will take place in the internet ashram of Satya Loka, for all players of the Leela Academy.

On this day, access to the ashram will be open to all levels of players, starting with the level of the seeker.

Meditation will be held on December 26 at 21.00 Vladivostok time and will last exactly 60 minutes.

To get into meditation, you need ...


Friday 17 April, 2020

Sattvic food on individual retreats at the center.

Sattvic food. According to Hindu philosophy, the material nature is characterized by three fundamental qualities or gunas. One of these gunas - sattva, meaning purity and goodness. Sattvic food in the first place is food for the mind, which is the major builder of our health. Such food carries the energy of purity and lightness that allow a person to achieve a high level of spiritual development, and at the individual retro experience "experience of samadhi."


Saturday 04 May, 2019


Monday 03 September, 2018


Sunday 21 January, 2018

Announcement of long retreats. Academy of Leela.

Very soon in Tiruvannamalai (India), a 21 day retreat starts, which is devoted to total surrender.

It is known that the desire for enlightenment is an obstacle to this, so to set a goal to be enlightened is the most common mistake. At the same time, at a certain point in development, the theme of enlightenment becomes so close and relevant that it is sometimes impossible not to think about it.

On the retreat, Rama will give precise recommendations in the direction of surrender, in which each participant will need to conduct internal work.

All the participants of the retreat in Tiruvannamalai, confirmed their readiness to play at this level, having passed specific qualifying stages.

Now it's up to the little thing to get the body to the right place at the right time.

As already announced to players participating in 10-day retreats, in 2018 in June and September will be 10 retreats, in the program of which will be added a tool "conscious fasting."


Tuesday 14 March, 2017

New! About the 30-day "Mixt retreat".

Construction of the retreat center "Nirvana" started in January 2017, is in full swing.

The expected completion time is summer 2019.

In the retreat center of Nirvana, long-term retreats are planned, involving all the natural resources of Thailand (the sea, islands with clear water, white sandy beaches, fruits, sun and of course infinitely different smiles of local residents).
On the basis of the retreat center, there will also be a common use: a swimming pool (Olympic size), a jacuzzi, a sports hall, a Finnish sauna.
Since 2020, the Players of the Academy of Leela, will be able to participate in long-term retreat programs ...


Saturday 18 February, 2017

In the wake of a 10-day retreat "Samadhi".

Gradually, we grow to the ability to consciously enter into higher states and stay in them all the more. Way rewards reality itself.


In the center of the Individual retreats "Samadhi" ended on 10 day retreat "Samadhi", with the participation of players who are ready for such a degree of complexity drawing of the Force.

The fact that the retreat program, compiled with naiintensivneyshey density practices. More intensive programs, this time interval, in the world of spiritual practice just does not happen. Retreat program begins at 4.30 and ends at 22.00 complicate not something that is impossible, and not even advisable. Further complexity is only possible by adding the number of days of the retreat (21 days or more) ... even traveled around the world, not just to find someone honest enough to bear such intensity. A group has been set up, about equal in strength to the players Leela Academy.


Thursday 05 January, 2017


The onset of 2017 came under the influence of the Red Fire Cock and immediately brought a gift, Oasis Awakening. Consciousness favors further in-depth development of players and gives the green light to build a retreat center for long-term full-time retreats (20 days or more).

Retreat Center has received the name "Nirvana".

Nirvana, Nibbana ( "nevolnenie") - concept that refers to the supreme goal of all living beings. There are many definitions of the term "Nirvana", but usually it is associated with the state of liberation from suffering inherent existence in samsara. Nirvana is defined as:


Wednesday 21 December, 2016

What do you like more: Meditation or diving?

Do not assume that, having achieved once and for all, full of self-control, you can leave it at that at least for a short time. No full self-control does not protect the human body from the possibility of being shocked by certain events, if even for a moment the spirit of man hung up
with someone, alive and powerful, it is in itself.
(Antarova K).

The great Chinese physician Sun Simiao (... Years 581-682 BC), who lived 101 years, perceptively described the progress of the human personality problem in his "recipe for a priceless gold":
"As a young person does not understand Tao.
In middle age, he hears a lot about Tao, but does not apply in practice what hears.
When he gets old, he sees the truth of the Tao, but is too weak to act according to it. "
Players Leela Academy, hear and timely use DAO in practice! About how they do it, read this article.