Friday 25 September, 2020

Diary of the 5th Winter Games remotely. Game 5. Petty tyrants.

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Nearby are always people who drop out of the call and the person to be thanked for appearing in this opportunity to gain sufficient awareness, allowing destroy the sense of self-importance.
Such people are called petty tyrants, but because these small tyrants are rare luck to them can be divided into four categories ...


Tuesday 02 May, 2017

History with the continuation ...

The spring and summer season of the Leela Academy's Distance Learning takes effect. Our Life is training from birth. We are trained as naturally, passively, and consciously, actively. The ability to Learn is part of our nature and the Leela Academy, using this principle of our world order, WAKES and develops this Gift!


Playing :)

The Leela.


Wednesday 01 March, 2017

Diary of the 5th Winter Games, the Remote. Game 11.

You are at the Oasis Awakening and the methods that are used here are aimed at the awakening of consciousness, through the memory itself (not to be confused with medication, personal growth, success programs, etc.)

awakening process requires the utmost integrity players. This process is sometimes very painful, so this process all the players can go exclusively voluntary.

Mayi forces are strong, and the awakening of a process rastyazhёnny in time, which gives way to sweet sleep periods and then re moments, sometimes very painful awakening ...


Monday 27 February, 2017

Diary of the 5th Winter Games, the Remote. Game 10.

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Man never gets those instructions that he was not required.
The fact that the mirror shows him the future, is in itself a sufficient indication that such behavior is already beginning to emerge, although at the beginning of these manifestations can be so small that they seem quite insignificant.
Initially, potential leaks in reality a thin stream, occurs only in rare cases, but if it does not stop right now, may soon turn into a raging stream. Acorn looks young and beautiful, but if it is to invest in fertile soil, it will reveal the potential of a huge oak tree.


Thursday 16 February, 2017

Diary of the 5th Winter Games, the Remote. Game 9.

Although most of the mirrors reflects the fact that a person is most important to learn about their current behavior or manifest currently beliefs, some mirrors might reflect how actions in the past, and those behaviors that could potentially occur in the future, even people do not realize it.
It should, however, stress the need for complete honesty in front of him as a person the easiest in the world to ignore the mirror as something not related to the current moment.


Thursday 09 February, 2017

Diary of the 5th Winter Games, the Remote. Game 8.

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All your tests are by nature
opportunities to claim rights to the Force.
To become a warrior, you want to complete the transformation of the individual and any life test is to gradually transform the personality.
The player has to carry out such actions, which will not only ensure the accumulation of personal power, but also helps to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence; All this increases the most for certain human knowledge about what it means to be fully responsible human being, dignity which manifests itself in his every act - physical, emotional and mental.


Tuesday 24 January, 2017

Diary of the 5th Winter Games, the Remote. Game 7.

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Now I hear myself again and again repeat this idea a variety of words, and the students solemnly nod, write it in their notebooks, but three months later, when I ask them how things are going with the recapitulation, flickering on their faces Guilty views speak for themselves.
Intelligent memory of the past does not bring great benefits and are definitely not the purpose of the recapitulation.
However, if we remember that everything that happens to a person here and now is the result of his past, it is easy to understand what is occurring in the present feelings and sensations are able to send a man into his past.
This is why students always recommend to carry out the recapitulation, starting from the current moment and in reverse order.
We always start with the present and going back to the very reverse jiffy birth.


Thursday 19 January, 2017

Diary of the 5th Winter Games remotely. Game 6.

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Sixth game was the final game for the players play remote "Trust". We remind you that at the same time, in the Fifth Winter remote games, Leela Academy players play at different levels: a seeker, a hunter, a warrior, a missionary, a shapeless player.
Reading about how the players played draws life, you are invisible in touch with the methods of the game at all levels of Consciousness games.


Thursday 12 January, 2017

Diary of the 5th Winter Games remotely. Game 4.

The game has no consciousness breaks on weekends and holidays - it tirelessly playing with inexhaustible creativity, every moment.
This summary contains examples of game players of different levels (Hunter, warrior, missionary, shapeless player).
The ability to play, is inherent in each of us.
Learn to play the examples ...
Game - is a part of your inner being.
All enlightened reduced to one opinion, that everything that happens is nothing else than the game of consciousness with itself, where the key word for us - is a GAME!
On how the players played the fourth game, check out this roundup.


Monday 02 January, 2017

Diary of the 5th Winter Games remotely. Game 3.

Before we get acquainted with excerpts from reports of students of the Academy of the game Lila in the third game, let's talk a little bit with you about the revival.

Players should be fully aware of the fact, the value of which can not be overstated: the original act of awakening in the dream is not so much the result of the implementation of practices or acquired ability, as an act of survival. Why would a man to wake up, if he likes to sleep?
You want to wake up and get rid of the contents of his dream only, if the dream is becoming a nightmare ...

Awakening during sleep begins after a person takes a crucial decision to change.