Thursday 05 April, 2018

Door to the Heaven.

At the time of this article, the players completed the route through the capital of Lesser Tibet, Lech, crossing it along the motorway, which is considered not only one of the most beautiful high-mountain roads in the world, but also the most difficult.
The main task of the players in this game journey was to meet with the spiritual inhabitants of the Himalayas.
Directly it sounded like this:
A trip to the region of northern India, called Little Tibet, is an exit to the territory that on our planet is the abode of higher beings who have achieved certain tasks of disidentification with the false and residing in the highest emanations.
Our task is to meet such creatures and get to know them and with this level of play.


Monday 05 March, 2018

Crawl or fly? History with the continuation ...

What the caterpillar calls the End of the World, the Master calls the Butterfly ...

Richard Bach.

The main condition for a magical transformation will be preparedness.

  • Preparedness of the player consists of the degree of his awareness and ability to resist the defenses of the mind, giving up. For this, he must first of all know all his defenses and be able to stop at their revival, directly going to the living of fears. Loving, at the Academy of Leela, we gave the term such a "flow around".
  • The ability to "flow around" is a good prerequisite for complete surrender, but this is only a prerequisite.
  • The erasure of personal life history, separation skills, samadhi experience, service, and many other things that players in the Leela Academy are learning are also necessary to activate the process that Shri Bhagavat calls complete surrender or enlightenment.

It is important to understand that not every caterpillar is ready to become a butterfly.

For this it is not enough just to deliver your body in the field of the master and wait for him to create a miracle.


Friday 23 February, 2018

Afterword. Retreat in Tire 2018 (6th edition).

Well, the main retreat of the past season, the 21-day immersion in the process of putting the Ego in Tiruvannamalai (India) - was completed.

Players went to the kingdom of Shiva, (Mount Arunachala, the living incarnation of Shiva), which is the destroyer of the World.

You can ask how it is - God and suddenly the destroyer? The answer here is simple. The world, like everything that exists in it, must one day disappear, die. After all, there is no one and nothing immortal, except the gods. And if the world dies, it collapses, then there must be a god who will destroy this destruction someday.

In our case, the players had to survive the death of the Ego, the destruction of the world of the individual.

The main unpredictable Gift of this retreat was a meeting of players with Sri Bhagavat, where each player received from the master of the last step, clear instructions for complete surrender, that is, enlightenment.


Sunday 18 February, 2018

Three happy days. Retreat in Tire 2018 (5th edition).

Even 6 km before the Ashram, we began to see signs pointing to the Ashram and only after arriving at the territory of the residence of Shri Bhagavat, we saw that we were in a beautiful valley surrounded on all sides by mountains. Leaving the car, we saw Sri Bhagavat coming towards us ...

Sri Bhagavat is the master of the last stage, assuming complete surrender of the mind, which in the spiritual world is called enlightenment.

After a long preparation, the moment comes when the student is ready to receive knowledge of the last stage of training.

It is this teacher that is Sri Bhagavat, who takes the "mature" disciple and directs him exactly into the right Knowledge. Because it is knowledge that provides understanding and is what is called enlightenment and leads to liberation.


Tuesday 13 February, 2018

Arunachala. Retreat in Tire 2018 (4th edition).

Arunachala has always remained relatively little known. But for those who comprehend the jnana, Arunachala always makes itself felt through these or those other means.

"All the stones in that place [of Arunachala] are lingams." This is indeed the abode of Lord Siva, the words spoken in the Holy Scripture: "and the meditators there will be absorbed into samadhi, beyond the delusions of the mind." Could there be another place that would be equal to him? "Arunachala Puranam.


Sunday 04 February, 2018

Giri Pradakshan. Retreat in Thira 2018 (3rd edition).

By the time this article was published, the second week of the retreat in Tiruvannamalai had gone.

And the players have already passed Giri Pradakshanu, bypassing Mount Arunachala during the full moon.

Usually, on the day preceding each full moon, pilgrims go around the temple and the hills of Annamalai in worship called Girivalam, a practice that takes up to one million pilgrims a year. The value of Girivalam (Bypass). The way around Arunachala is 14 kilometers.

Sri Ramana Maharshi once explained the meaning of this word pradakshina and how this should be done with the help of a devotee: "Letter"

  • Pra "means the removal of all sins;
  • "yes" means fulfilling desires;
  • "Kshi" means freedom from future births;
  •   "on" stands for giving deliverance through jnana


Tuesday 30 January, 2018

Mundan. Retreat in Tire 2018 (2nd edition).

Mount Arunachala is considered a silent teacher and the ancient practice of Mundan, symbolizes complete devotion to God, the Guru. This is a sign of entry on the spiritual path.

  • Mundan helps to cut off psychological dependence on our physical form and change our perception of ourselves.
  • Mundan eliminates old vibrations that accumulate in the hair and opens the higher chakra in our head, allowing the divine energy to enter inside. According to the teachings of yoga, we should do mundan at least once in life.

Players, after many years of practice, are internally ripe to this known in the whole spiritual world, the procedure of dedicating themselves to the spiritual world.


Friday 25 August, 2017

Retreat in the monastery or deprivation of pleasure for the ego.

After the players could find a place that the Tibetans call "Door to the heaven", Rama changed the program of the game trip and canceled all trips on popular tourist routes (visiting a picturesque high-mountain valley, unusually beautiful high-mountainous lakes) and completely focused players on the impeccable practice of being present in the monastery. Retreat in a unique place was held from 4.30 to 22.00. The conditions under which the retreat was conducted were as much as possible favorable to the disidentification with false ego.
In addition, the retreat thinning the vibrations and perception of the players, brought them closer to the higher being who achieved realization and is in the highest emanation outside the body, here in the mountains of the Himalayas.


Friday 11 August, 2017

Ladakh - "Small Tibet".

Discipline is the decision to do things that you really do not want to do to achieve what is very
I want to achieve.
At the time of publication of this article, players have already reached the northernmost state of India Ladakh and have started the main retreat program, this gaming journey.
But before we continue the story about the gaming journey, a few words about Ladakh. This is the highest mountain plateau in India, with a difference in altitude from 2750 meters to 7672 meters. Some passes are at an altitude of more than 5000 meters ...


Monday 07 August, 2017

On the way to Little Tibet ...

Thailand, Tiruvannamalai, Kashmir.
Always choose the most difficult path - on it you will not meet competitors.

Starting July 27, at the moment in the Academy of Leela continues the game journey "Little Tibet".
Participants before entering the territory of "Lesser Tibet" came to Tiruvannamalai, in order to receive the blessing of Shiva and are now on their way to the northernmost state of India Ladakh.