Tuesday 24 November, 2020


Wednesday 08 April, 2020

"Water in big emptiness". Practice.

In this video you will learn exactly how to do the practice  "Water in big emptiness" from direct student masters Won Gwang, Do Kuhn.

At the end of the video, Rama asks Before Kuhn, experienced the dissolution of the body of experience with this practice: "If you are not the body, then who are you?" What Up Kuhn says: If you do this practice, you will be able to answer this question! "


Wednesday 08 February, 2017

Game Journey: Seoul 09.2016g.Water in big emptiness-2.

After the publication of the article on our blog "Water in big emptiness," a reference to the article, this practice is firmly established in the Academy training program Leela and all the students of the Academy took part in the full-time retreats with Rama, received its fulfillment instructions.
But we will continue to a more thorough and detailed familiarity with the history of this practice, transfer it to a master, and the nuances of the implementation of the practice itself.
This video was recorded in September 2016 in Seoul (South Korea), and we are in it will be about the wizard Won Gwang.


Saturday 16 July, 2016

By fearlessness, I am calling you.

By fearlessness, I am calling you. Take heart, my friends.

Leave this terrible fear of prejudice;

What, who, where are you afraid of? If everything is just you?

If the One All - inseparable, like the ocean the same throughout the universe of Matter, Matter, fragmented into

separate beings, part of which is called the people.


Approaching the start of the third game trip, which will take place in South Korea.

In addition to the main program, which will be held on the island of volcanic origin Che Judith participants playing travel, will initiate the practice of "flow in the infinite void" from the direct disciple Wongwang master, who taught this praktike Kim do Kuyn.


Monday 09 November, 2015

About the history of origin practice "Water in big emptiness"

In this video you will learn that the practice of "Water in big emptiness" was created five great masters, about 10 thousand years ago in the town Sinanju, which is on the territory of modern North Korea, near the south-eastern borders of modern Russia.


Tuesday 29 September, 2015

Water in big emptiness.

 On the merits of the teacher can not be judged

the size of the crowd following him.

(R. Bach)

This rally took place in South Korea.
Consciousness introduced me to the wonderful practice, the name of which is very in tune with that, as evidenced in Sri Bagavat its representation of reality enlightenment. According to Sri Bagavat, enlightenment is a deep understanding that the psychological aspects of our lives, such as emotions and feelings is not subject to the management of intelligence and all we can do - is to simply let flow Consciousness manifests as feelings and emotions, their own flow, allowing feelings of self replace each other.
This practice has been handed over to me apprentice Won Gwang, who lived in Seoul and left the body in 2007.