By fearlessness, I am calling you.

Saturday 16 July, 2016

By fearlessness, I am calling you. Take heart, druzya.Ostavte this terrible fear of prejudice;

What, who, where are you afraid of? If everything is just you?

If the One All - inseparable, like the ocean the same throughout the universe of Matter, Matter, fragmented into

separate beings, part of which is called the people.

(Antarova K.)

Approaching the start of the third game trip, which will take place in South Korea.

In addition to the main program, which will be held on the island of volcanic origin Che Judith participants playing travel, will initiate the practice of "flow in the infinite void" from the direct disciple Wongwang master, who taught this praktike Kim do Kuyn.

Wongwang Master taught his disciples, with humor and was fun and very extraordinary man. He often played the flute on a busy street of Seoul Insadong.

In this photo made in 1996. Wongwang master with his disciples.

The program is included in the territory of Seoul, the tea ceremony, which has been carrying on for over 17 years, Moon Dae Hyuk. It is interesting that in this business, it, recommended to engage a teacher who taught him meditation. It is in a fairly busy shopping mall, together with him during the ceremony, as if immersed in meditation. His leisurely conversation, continuous performance of the tea ritual cooking, drinking tea, as if immersed in the consciousness of another level of existence, pulling him out of his usual mind conditioning.

Do Kuyn sent players to the Academy Leela gift, pu-erh tea, which will allow players to enjoy the October retreat near Vladivostok.

 But in Seoul, players will undergo a major test and this retreat to overcome the fear of death, which since the last trip has become more complex with 8.5 to 10 points.

After passing the test in Seoul, the players will go to the island, where they were waiting for the most difficult to date (all of gaming travel programs) program to overcome themselves.

Registration on a gaming journey comes to an end and ends on 21 July.



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