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To avoid suffering, go straight to the pain.

Shinzen Young, one of the oldest American mindfulness teachers. Awareness makes possible exceptional satisfaction from comparatively small joys, whereas an addicted person must constantly increase the number or intensity of incentives in order to receive the same satisfaction as before.

At some point in your life, something will happen to you that really "hooks" on you: you will get sick, or get injured, or someone will betray you. Sooner or later, but something serious will happen.

If you are prepared, training and developing three basic skills of concentration, clarity and balance, you can use discomfort the same way monks, hermits and shamans have been doing this for thousands of years.

You do not need to run to the monastery to get rid of discomfort, because you learned how to run to discomfort, and thus - the monastery comes to you yourself.

Life itself will provide you with enough intensive practice, on the basis of which you can grow and develop if you are ready to perceive it.


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Dawns Here Are Quiet ...

In South America, ended in an individual "Wake up retreat".

The program of this retreat as well as a session of "discovery of the mission of the soul" is kept secret.

No one can know exactly how it goes, before hitting the selections retreat.

The ego has to be taken by surprise and is not prepared for this drawing of expectations of how things should happen :)

 I must say that this rally can participate only players of the Academy of Lila actually reached the level of the player and the formless trained at the Academy of the skills of the hunter, warrior, missionaries, formless player.

Throughput ticket to participate in this retreat is to participate in a 21 day retreat in Tiruvannamalai, India, which also conducted a careful selection.

"Wake up retreat" requires comprehensive training players talk of unsuccessful experiments, which in theory of course possible in this retreat can not be, because all the players get the opportunity to participate in it developed over the years to the extent necessary.

The retreat takes place in conditions of constant degree of risk factor illusory death.


Wednesday 22 August, 2018

Discipleship. Part 3.

Boring "seekers" - those always looking back and looking at this justification or confirmation of those fantasies that they dreamed of in his youth.

What is discipleship? Only the path of liberation.

Can we consider discipleship life, if there is no foundation for peace?

This apprenticeship can not be. No matter how many, whatever paths or looking for a man teacher, he was not able to find out if his whole world is full of frivolity and if it is naive to expect that inside him something in itself to change, will be revealed, will burst like festering abscess, or Conversely, double flowers bloom.

The first of the commandments of your student's behavior should be to ease the day as a complex conglomerate of spiritual union with the living the life of each oncoming land.


Sunday 19 August, 2018

Discipleship. Part 2.

If a student came in contact with a teacher, he entered into communion with all. Before the eyes of Those Who brightened, can not be divisive pelёn. Heed all purity of heart and realize how everything in the universe is connected as everywhere there is a mutual responsibility.

To you prepare yourself from the high, the spiritual development of the creature, which can become an apprentice, you have to understand, accept and bless all of their external circumstances.


Friday 17 August, 2018

Discipleship. Part 1.

Spirit Master pushes the student to recognize, to the ability to freely observe their own thoughts. Day by day more and gets stronger loyalty to the student, if he sees in each case is not himself, but the love that goes through it.

Not "I" becomes his life, but through me. It is released every day by an increasing number of preconceived ideas that are rooted in his "I". And fearlessness, the former before gusts mind and including among its virtues, it is the atmosphere of the day, its simple force.

Do not have a prejudice of separation from the Master just because you shared with him the distance. Distance to exist as long as in the heart of a land lives prejudice life. Once knowledge broadens the mind - disappears and the shadow distance, like the shadow of loneliness. Before clarifies the eye pupil are not piles of garbage, preventing him from seeing Harmony. But harmony does not depend on the place nor on the temples in which they pray, and she is not a temple, which admired. Harmony comprehend in so far as wearing it in himself.

Through the internal self-discipline a man begins to be carried out in its current day, not only their spiritual creativity. He is working on a new understanding of what a "character" in a new way and puts his whole outer life.


Saturday 11 August, 2018

Facets of Agni Yoga. 1965 (March 13).

Even a magnet can demagnetize in an unpleasant neighborhood, especially a magnet of the human spirit.

Even Christ withdrew into the desert, into solitude, when the actions of others became unbearable.

Each aura, upon contact, interacts with the radiation of the carrier of Light and, according to the law of the communicating vessels, takes from it vital emanations.

Therefore, a long stay among people with radiation of low order can not but affect negatively the refined aura.

Not every environmental impact can be overcome for a long time without harm to the body.

The constant loss of light-bearing energies can not always and not in all conditions be replenished without damage.

And then there comes a reaction, expressed in that the aura wilts, the lights go out and the light stops its work to transform the environment.

These symptoms are very dangerous, because the progress of the spirit is suspended.