Tuesday 29 August, 2017

Laughter therapy (gelotology). Fun treatment

Laughter therapy (gelotology). Treatment with laughter is serious!
A bit of history ...
The science of laughter and its influence on the physical and mental health of a person - gelotology (from the Greek "gelos" - laughter) - originated in the USA in the 70s of the last century. It was introduced into the official medicine by American journalist Norman Cousins.
Being bedridden, and, according to doctors, without a chance to recover, he decided to radically change his way of life.

Since Norman did not want to give up and despondently die of his days, he began to spend his time cheerfully: he spent whole days watching comedies, listening to jokes and funny stories and laughing without restraint. According to sources, a week later his pain stopped, and a month later he was able to move. Soon he began to walk and went to work.

Such an amazing story inspired scientists in Europe and America to focus their attention on studying the phenomenon of laughter and its impact on the human psyche. Gradually, the therapy was separated as a separate psychotherapeutic method.


Friday 13 May, 2016

Dive into yourself May 2016.

In the center of the Individual retreats "Samadhi", concluded the first spring retreat "Dive into yourself."
While the formless level players play in South America in terms of reality, when entering the draw between life and death, you must (a) give up and through the death of the ego to be reborn again, that is fully awake from sleep does not reference other players Leela Academy are planned preparation to one day be in the hand of the Force.
No god, teacher, healer, etc. not be able to help you if you do not make their own efforts to izmeneneniyu themselves and out of the false identifications. Only the own-action efforts, will help you get out of this at the same time "beautiful and terrible" traps, called Samsara.

On how the players made the inner workings of this roundup.


Saturday 28 March, 2015

The project "Publisher" -Ilahinur . I bless with love.

Namaste, Rama! Yes, that would be fine. I bless with love Kiara. The project "Publisher" is gaining momentum and is now the first to the publication, preparing a book with the working title: Ilahinur-Awakening the Divine Energy.