Dive into yourself May 2016.

Friday 13 May, 2016

In the center of the Individual retreats "Samadhi", concluded the first spring retreat "Dive into yourself."

While the formless level players play in South America in terms of reality, when entering the draw between life and death, you must (a) give up and through the death of the ego to be reborn again, that is fully awake from sleep does not reference other players Leela Academy are planned preparation to one day be in the hand of the Force.

No god, teacher, healer, etc. not be able to help you if you do not make their own efforts to izmeneneniyu themselves and out of the false identifications. Only the own-action efforts, will help you get out of this at the same time "beautiful and terrible" traps, called Samsara.

On how the players made the inner workings of this roundup.

  • Thank you for drawing Consciousness! The retreat was held as one day. It was easy and fun to watch happening moments and see in this game of Consciousness. Seeing as the character initially thought -soprotivlyalsya, and suddenly fail, does not work, it was terrible, I wanted to be perfect, the fear of loneliness, but he realized that it was just simply an illusion and everything happens by the will of the Master Consciousness and if entrusted, then everything will turn out. It's All Game. Trusting and open up the Force, the character felt the subtle level and support teachers and all began to happen spontaneously and without effort. Energy flowed like a river, and dissolving stiffness blocks, directing attention to themselves, combining in a single source of power, which is manifested in the outside, where it was all edino.Rabotaya with energy Ilahinur, softening and dissolving in the moment and did not have to do anything, energy did everything herself. Character seen a mirror that did not affect him, but rather to help him live and rastozhdestvlyatsya. So consciousness as a character gains experience to see yourself one day!

  • Again, I have been very impressed by the sea, the ocean and the coast. This time, it was after the storm and in the sand along the coast were shells, and various types of age, half-dead and dead.

  • Cemetery shells, sad sight, life and death ... ... A near ocean powerful juggernaut-silischa, giving birth and devouring waves, absorbs everything in its path. I looked at the power and revived the fear of death, me, ego-consciousness of the ocean will absorb and disappear "I" dissolves in the abyss, without end. Who am I? And who are afraid to lose yourself? I feel the ego and its fear, I feel the power and strength of the ocean, his freedom ... Another gift, to understand what I was trying to take the actions of other people and the people themselves, but in reality, I do not accept myself, my nature. Probably to be a need courage. Besides, I was often there is a substitution of one concept to others, many of the qualities I accept weakness, for example, the sensitivity may sentimentality, femininity, and others. I met with him, and I see it's real, and it's great as if carrying a heavy burden of masks, I took off and was easy and svobodno.Ya thank consciousness of this experience, and all those who helped and was near.