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Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 12. Season 2017 / 18.

10 game.

Making decisions, the warrior is not afraid to remain alone, because he is a free being who proudly bears responsibility for his life. Even when a warrior acts differently than others, and remains without their approval and support, he does not feel himself a victim, because for him to live the life of an impeccable warrior is a high honor.
Teun Marez.

So, the season of winter remote games is nearing completion. Starting in mid-December, the participants went to a long power rally, with a length of 10 to 12 games, with the duration of the game in each game about a week.

The feature of Remote games is that this power draw lasts

  • not one hour (the duration of the consultation), not three days (the duration of internal retreats with Rama) and not even 10 days (the duration of the Samadhi retreat),
  • but more than 2.5 months.

Starting this long game, the participants do not yet know what awaits them ahead and with what life experiences they will meet during the game. And since, unlike in-home retreats, distance play is conducted in absolutely real conditions of life, it is also quite natural that with the participants there are both beautiful and the most complex events filled with dramatic experiences. How will the player play? Surrender to the position of the victim or smile to Consciousness, and experience the experience totally?

It is during the distance Games that the player's hardening takes place and his ability to play continuously is formed. From the participant of remote games, a real player is brought up, who is able to play under any circumstances of life. But even if, unnoticed by himself (under the "respectful" excuses of the dwarf), a participant descends from a distance, getting stuck at a certain level of his abilities, he is trained by this experience, as in the future he does not give up ...

About how the players played the drawing of life in the 10th game, read in this news release.


Saturday 10 February, 2018

Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 11. Season 2017 / 18.

9 game.

Meditation slowly and slowly leads you to your enlightenment. Suddenly, one day you realize: where is this darkness? Where is this endless stream of thoughts? Where has the mind disappeared? Suddenly you are absolutely empty, like bamboo. But your emptiness is not emptiness: it is filled with joy and joy. You will dance for no reason, you will sing for no reason, songs that you did not compose, dances that were not taught to you. They just spontaneously arise from your consciousness.

Well, the players continue to play distance games, living the realities of their lives. During the time of remote games, there are various events (both dramatic and happy), but the player must play without forgetting, being in a state of Awareness and remembering: what is reality and what are illusions.


Monday 05 February, 2018

Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 10. Season 2017 / 18.


8 game.

There are always people who challenge a person and deserve gratitude for the opportunities that arise while accumulating sufficient awareness, which allows them to destroy a sense of their own importance.
Such people are called small tyrants, but since these small tyrants are a rare luck, they can be divided into four categories ...
On how the players played the drawings of Life in the 8th game, read in this summary of the diary of the sixth Winter Distance Games, Academy of Leela.



Wednesday 31 January, 2018

Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 9. Season 2017 / 18.

7 game.
18 rules of life from the Dalai Lama
At the beginning of the new millennium, the Dalai Lama formed 18 rules of life. Here they are:
1. Bear in mind that great love and great success are associated with greater risk.
2. When you lose, you do not lose experience.
3. Follow the eternal three rules:
a) Respect yourself
b) Respect others
c) Do not give up responsibility for your actions.
4. Remember that not always what you want is really what you need.
5. Learn the rules so that you know how to properly break them.
6. Do not let a little dispute destroy a great friendship.
7. If you make a mistake, do everything immediately to fix it.
8. Sometimes you need to listen to yourself, alone.
9. Feel free, but do not break boundaries.
10. Remember that sometimes silence is the best answer.
11. Live a decent life, so that later, in old age you had something to remember.
12. A loving atmosphere is the basis for your life.
13. In disputes, talk only about the present, do not remember the past.
14. Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.
15. Be gentle with the Earth. Love her.
16. Once a year, go where you've never been before.
17. Remember that the best relationships are those in which each half, with whoever she is, remembers you.
18. Sometimes you need to give up what you want to get it.
© The Dalai Lama

Players have crossed the middle of the distance of the Winter Games and continue to selflessly play in the mode of heightened awareness. And now we turn to the summary of the game of draws by players in the seventh game.


Tuesday 23 January, 2018

Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 8. Season 2017 / 18.

6 game.

The moment is our only reality. When we remember ourselves in the moment, life becomes more intense and more juicy. Our body, mind and soul reach harmony, which brings great peace. When you experience something beyond the mind, the mind will create doubt, will argue against it, and make it so that you will be embarrassed about it. This is his own technique. He can not produce anything of this quality that creates the present moment. In fact, the mind is not creative at all. All creativity in any direction of life comes from no-mind - the greatest pictures, music and poetry. All that is beautiful. Everything that makes a person different from animals - comes from this small moment. If you consciously enter it, it can lead you to enlightenment. If by chance it happens, then it still leaves a tremendous silence, relaxation, peace and reasonableness. "
In the meantime, some of the players of the Sixth Winter Remote Games, have passed the mark of the sixth game.
Reading about how players played the drawings of Life, you are invisibly in touch with the ways of playing at all levels of the game of Consciousness.


Wednesday 17 January, 2018

Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 7. Season 2017 / 18.


Your ignorance is measured by how deeply you believe in injustice and human tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the End of the World, the Master calls a butterfly ...
Richard Bach

In the meantime, some players of the Leela Academy continue to play remote games and live in a heightened awareness mode.

During remote games there is a profound transformation, but especially when the games go to the level of the patrimonial field. In this case, the transformation can cover all the members of the clan: So when talking and finding out the information, the dad of one of the players also got involved in the process of living unextended emotions: "We ask the father about his grandfather, and he told that in his childhood he spent time with him, He was very fond of him, he could not remember and even talk about Stepan's grandfather.When he remembered wept, we first saw his father's tears and learned interesting facts.This grandfather Vorobyov Stepan Ivanovich, the father of Taisia's grandmother, was an activist, commission, raised the entire collective farm in the village of Starkovo, and it turns out that he went through four wars: the Finnish, the Civil, the First Fatherland, the 2nd World War, he was proud of him, now we understand where he had the commanding tone of the conversation. even my grandson was surprised to see his grandfather with tears, and also he was inspired by our conversation.The father said that he did not go to see him off at the funeral, he was afraid to cry very much, he was 12 years old, and on the day of the funeral, Stepan's grandfather accompanied the whole village. Father emotions came out and brought us together. "

During the game Psychogenetics and after a thorough analysis of the genus, the attitude towards parents, which we previously judged for their weaknesses, for aggression, for imperfection, changes forever, because after analyzing the pedigree it becomes clear that in fact they carried a certain load dramatic events that occurred earlier in the family and up to the village, none of the ancestors could (survive), experience the feelings with which the parent met, and then you. And in fact, such feelings, those dramatic events, can only be experienced in the case of awakening and the appearance in the psyche of a person of such quality as awareness.
And we continue to acquaint you with those rallies that occur on the way of players in the Sixth Winter Remote Games.


Thursday 11 January, 2018

Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 6. Season 2017 / 18.

4 game.

Every year, at the Winter Remote Games, the New Year holidays are a natural test for all participants, since they carry in themselves the lulling power of Rajas. Like the shooting range at the distance in the biathlon, the New Year holidays, distributed the players according to the level of personal strength in the game.

We would like to remind you that the distance game differs from other power games in the Leela Academy, in that it requires participants to play continuously for 2.5-3 months.

In the game of consciousness there are no breaks for weekends and holidays - it tirelessly plays with inexhaustible creativity, every moment.

In this summary, we collect examples of players of different levels (hunter, warrior, missionary, formless player).
The ability to play is inherent in each of us.
Learn to play by examples ...
The game is part of your inner self.
All the enlightened were reduced to one opinion, that everything that is happening is nothing else than a game of consciousness with oneself, where the key word for us is the GAME!
Play and one day the game will lead you to the mystery of Life!
About how the players played the fourth game, read in this news bulletin.


Friday 05 January, 2018

Diary of 6 Winter Remote Games. Issue 5. Season 2017 / 18


The disciples whom the Infinite sends to the WAY are different in nature.

* Higher names are "inhabitants of Heaven", "children of gods".

* Medium - the "heroes."

* The lowest - "connected with dreams".

  • "Bound by dreams" are timid, inconsiderate, restless, but have some will, their faith is mixed with doubts. They follow the Path of man for a long time, detachment is acquired with great difficulty, after great trials. Dissolve in the Infinite at the end of life or leave this world.
  • Heroes are intelligent, independent, independent, enterprising, fearless, have deep trust in the Path and Master. The tests are courageous. They follow the Path exactly, the signs of the Spirit receive in time. Dissolve in the Infinite at the end or middle of life, then happily dance in the field of the game of the Infinite.
  • The inhabitants of Heaven are the best. Rejected, immersed in the Infinite, noble, compassionate, serene, wise graceful, capable in everything, they are playful, pass the test, easily learn. Dissolve in the Infinite in the beginning or middle of life, then play games and soar in the expanse of the Clear Fields of the Infinite, staying on Earth.

The way you play The remote game will give you the opportunity to have an adequate self-esteem about your student's nature.