Sunday 13 December, 2015

Diary-4. The Remote Winter Games. Issue 1.

At some point the player goes so far,
 that he has no way to turn back,
 because he does not want to live in the back of an abandoned world.
Hence, he realizes that he has nothing to lose but their
life - but what about his life, if he would hold it in
chains created by his own brethren?

The fourth Winter remote games traditionally began with the selection and to the fourth stage of the selection of 100% applied for the game started only 85% of participants.
Way of training at the Academy of Lila is different from all other ways known to man.
For this reason, it can not be lightly on race - this course should come with proper care and respect.
Today, in our era when the public are offered all sorts of ways, leading to the so-called instant enlightenment, some people may be disappointed to discover that the Academy Lila promises to bestow the formula "The Way to the wonders for the lazy".


Friday 04 December, 2015

Innovate on the Remote WINTER GAMES.

In order to develop the motivation to self-discipline, for the fourth winter of remote gaming, first introduced innovations:

1. Comments to the report of players will be sent only to those to reports of games in which the players played a game with the implementation of practices and morning and evening without gaps.
If the practice is not performed regularly, as well as if the report is delayed, and the players coming after the specified time,
comments to the report will not be sent and the player will move on to play the next game without comment the game the previous (marked with a weak self-discipline).

2. The second innovation is due to the fact that, for the first time this year, the participants of the Winter Games will be able to receive remote Skype consultation Leela Academy players from the project "Open Hearts".
Selected players Rama, has for two years, are trained ... read more


Friday 27 November, 2015

The emblem of the Remote games.

The emblem of the Remote gaming is Shiva Nataraja (Shiva DANCING)
Reading the reports of former players in the Remote games, you often notice that the players describe some dwarf. In this article, we will clarify what the dwarfs?

Shiva was a lot of dancing, but most often mentioned describes it, coming on dwarf-dwarf.
This dance is usually seen as a reminder that the deity is playing, not working.
The dwarf, in this case called "scattered people" (apasmara Purusha) and symbolizes, of course, our lower self, we are involved in so much that we forget about his higher spiritual calling and destiny; Read completely...