Friday 16 August, 2019

Service. Mandala Sangha Oasis of Awakening.

Each figure in this mandala holds the right palm turned up in a sign of acceptance, and the left one - turned down in a sign of bestowal.
The whole circle creates a huge energy field, which takes the form of a double Dorje - Tibetan symbol of lightning.
Dorje (Tibetan language) / Vajra (Sanskrit) - means the spiritual power of indestructible inspiration that illuminates the illusions of the world.
It is a symbol of order, the masculine principle and eternity.
In conjunction with the bell, it is an enlightened mind whose note is the sound of eternity, perceived by a pure spirit within the whole universe. It is also a diamond, an instrument of knowledge, an instrument of the Word, of the intellect.


Tuesday 12 March, 2019

The first graduate of the Academy of Leela.

Once the game requires each practical application of the knowledge and someone for that, you need to play, separated from the conductor. Others Remote Winter Games gave us a good novost.V Academy Leela has its first graduate - player Pearls!


Friday 08 March, 2019


Saturday 19 January, 2019


Wednesday 21 March, 2018

The World of Spiritual Development and the World of Spiritual Ministry.

As you can see, the development of the soul goes through certain stages, which are clear from the name of the steps, and as we see spiritual service at the top of spiritual development for the soul.
Souls that reach this level of maturity are turned only upwards (they do not look down the stairs, and do not get carried away by all the temptations of Life), but serve the Higher.
The people of this world are protected by the highest representatives of the subtle world.

It is important to note that in reality there is no clear transition from one step to another and of course it needs to be understood that these steps are conditional.


Saturday 10 March, 2018


Thursday 25 January, 2018

In a "good" company.

In January, while in India, Rama visited Sri Bhagavat and found him behind the Satsang.

At present, Sri Bhagavat is conducting satsangs in the south of India. At the meeting with him come looking from different countries and unites them all, the theme of "Enlightenment".

Rama visited the master, where, in a very modest atmosphere, they had lunch at a traditional lunch for the south of India: Tali.

During the meeting, Rama discussed with Sri Bhagavat the joint retreat project in Thailand with the students of the Leela Academy.

Sri Bhagavat agreed and, at the end of 2020, at the retreat center of Nirvana in Thailand, the Lila Academy will begin to conduct retreats with Rama and Sri Bhagavat.


Monday 01 May, 2017

Building Internet Ashram Oasis Awakening.

At present Sangha Oasis Awakening working on the project of construction of the Ashram Oasis Awakening online space.
Ashram is called "Satya Loka".
Satya Loka is a Sanskrit word Satya-loka - the world is the truth. It was called even Brahma Loka - seventh and uppermost of the seven heavens, the earth surrounding the representations of Vedic cosmography. Satya Loka is the seat of Brahma and never exposed to destruction.


Sunday 19 March, 2017

Monks are also people.

The life of a monk in a monastery is maximally designed in such a way that he can continuously practice to move towards the fulfillment of the main goal of many incarnations: enlightenment.

The last two weeks, before returning to Russia, I spent in meditations and conversations with monks, in the north of Thailand.

I was wondering what the day of the monk is, what they do and how they follow the spiritual path, and also see what the students of the Academy of Leela can learn from the monks, and in what do they have an advantage over the monks?


Friday 04 November, 2016

Open Hearts. The third year of study.

Suffering is your wrong perception of reality,

and as a consequence, wrong thinking.

It should not be freed from suffering

and change their distorted perception

and thinking.

Three years ago the project "Open Heart" was launched in Oasis Awakening.
Players level missionary, began to study counseling Academy players Lila, according to the program of learning the game through the levels of Consciousness: Hunter, Warrior, Missionary, Formless player observer.
Education "Open Hearts" took place in a continuous finding counseling experience. For three years, they learn counseling techniques and fix them in practice.
By the end of the third year, "Open Heart" still learning, but of the 14 players, Rama highlighted group practice consultants who have an adequate level of personal power, in order to play, but rather to serve now and to hold consultations on the effective level, and most importantly, at the same time to teach the players to use the acquired knowledge in remote gaming and full-time retreats in their daily practice.