From Hunter to the Soldier. Part 11: From Discord to Harmony.

Sunday 18 September, 2016

What does it mean "to be free"? To be rich? Do not depend upon any labor? Have the opportunity to travel around the world? To get all the knowledge? To see all the beauty that people-creators adorn the earth?

The more external beauty and knowledge you will acquire, assuming in them the full force and meaning of life, they saw the center of human freedom, the more heavy and overweight will be a caravan of your knowledge, the harder you will be to move with him, instead of lightness and joy that only valuable day of human labor.

The whole point of life is to understand the harmony of the whole universe, to make sure that all of the storm and the Earth element, all the catastrophes and upheavals on it does not violate the harmony of the universe.

Antarova K.

   First of all, you must decide whether you want to learn how to live in harmony?

  Over time, studying at the Academy of Lila, you'll improve the quality of their existence, due to greater awareness and less and less of your time will be wasted on empty unconscious clichés and stereotypes.

Every moment of its existence, you will live. This requires energy. For example, you went somewhere where you find it difficult to appear, usually after you get tired of this, and if you have a lot of energy, you can still live neposredstveno immediately in the event without blocking sensory experience and will go further still something about it.

In this case, you have the feeling of fullness, inner abundance, instead of emptiness, sleeping, unconscious man who fills the empty feeling (for hiding four existential fear: death, loneliness, meaninglessness and freedom) - smoking, alcohol, sex, socializing, eating , etc.

   The average person spends his life to fill this void, escape from the four existential fears, while the player is learning all the time to come to their harmony.

If you have learned in any situation to come to inner harmony, then you have learned the most important thing in life.

Be as wise to understand that people - being open and the external environment always aims to knock him out of the state of harmony. This is a natural normal process. No matter how much you did not achieve harmony after a while you will come again disharmony, just as there is day and night, as there are a couple of concepts: harmony and disharmony.

It is an illusion when people think that famous people always successful, in fact it is only a part of their lives, but there are other times when it is bad, and these periods have each person while he is alive. But it is important to understand that harmony and disharmony are two existing points in Genesis, which alternate continuously, one after another as night and day.

It is important to learn as much as possible in a state of disharmony to behave, not to interfere with the natural process, then there is a transition to a state of harmony, and harmony in disharmony then goes again.

Remember! When you have harmony - it is time for action. During this period, most people must act outside: to build a house, sell your project to communicate.

When a period of disharmony - it means - it's time to get into his hole, press the tail and watch your energy in meditation. This is the period when your car is pulled up to a gas station and should be nourished with energy. Disharmony and night is a time when you need to relax.

But if the person does not understand this and continue to "waving his sword," that he gets some collapse, he starts boosting the situation starts to do what it destroys, and often in a hospital bed, where he certainly "have a rest".

Training at the Academy of Lila, the first two levels of play: Hunter and Warrior, fully purports to teach how to behave during the disharmony.

This means learning in the period to come to its source (the Spirit), and draw from it the energy force.

Basic Equipment Hunter, aims to be able to observe the phenomenon of discomfort in the body, any discomfort will tell you that there is some rejection.

For example, a woman has a sore knee, which is a sign of disharmony. Hunter is able to track down that for this bodily sensation is resentment and rejection of betrayal.

How could she come from disharmony to harmony?

During the practice hunter uses introspection skills taught at the WAR level.

 During self-examination, we will use the two hemispheres - the right sense, logical left. With the help of the right hemisphere (feelings), we notice discomfort, but with the help of the left hemisphere, we begin to logically analyze. It is important to be able to accurately analyze and warrior learns that several years honing this skill directly during labor for strength in times of disharmony.

Based on the analysis, we began to study at school, remember this thing: algebra and analysis. That's when you start to develop logical thinking.

As for the ability to bring himself out of a state of disharmony into harmony, hunters are taught the art of entering into a trance - an altered state of consciousness.

In trance, your attention becomes more voluminous, and you can even notice that in the ordinary state of consciousness you do not notice it. For example, you can sit back and ignore the fact that you have a pain somewhere.

We have learned to ignore this level itself, and about the pain signals can go for a long time. But as long as we "not be taken away leg" :), we do not pay any attention to these signals. Our task is to learn to listen to the subtle signals, not when the leg has gone to sleep, and when it went a little momentum and it's skill to master that will take time.

To be continued...



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