The project "Publisher" -Ilahinur . I bless with love.

Saturday 28 March, 2015

The project "Publisher" is gaining momentum and is now the first, is preparing to publish a book with the working title:

Ilahinur-Awakening the Divine Energy.

As a pioneer of this wonderful energy is Kiara Uinderayder Rama contacted him to get his blessing for the publication of this book.

Namaste! Hi Kiara! I am very glad to have reason to speak with you:) I met Ilahinoor in 2012 from women from Germany in Tiruvannamalai ( India), where I am living every winter past 8 years. I found it really very helpful and when I back to my country I continued to practice with  this energy. Now  I would like to share my experience  to  practice  with  this  energy  and  public  some book. I prepared  material  for this book and now  would like  to start publish  it on Russian  language. So I feel that  before I need to connect with you  and get  your blessing.




                                                                                                                   Namaste Rama! Yes, that would be fine. Blessings and love,

Thus, the material collected for the book: "Ilahinur-Divine Energy Awakening" begins to run in the publishing process.



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