Water in big emptiness.

Tuesday 29 September, 2015

On the merits of the teacher can not be judged

the size of the crowd following him.

(R. Bach)

This rally took place in South Korea.

Consciousness introduced me to the wonderful practice, the name of which is very in tune with that, as evidenced in Sri Bagavat its representation of reality enlightenment.

According to Sri Bagavat, enlightenment is a deep understanding that the psychological aspects of our lives, such as emotions and feelings is not subject to the management of intelligence and all we can do - is to simply let flow Consciousness manifests as feelings and emotions, their own flow, allowing feelings of self replace each other.

This practice has been handed over to me apprentice Won Gwang, who lived in Seoul and left the body in 2007. Genuine practice name in Korean sounds «Tae-gong-yu-su», and is translated into English as «Water in big emptiness». The most successful Russian translation taking into account the true meaning of these words in the Korean language sounds like "Stream in the infinite void."

Won Gwang-it was a little-known master and practice, he taught his disciples, respectively, is not known to the general public.

The man handed me this practice is a direct disciple of Master Won Gwang.
 In the second game trip, which took place on Jeju Island (South Korea), the participants of the retreat practiced "Pour into the infinite void" and noted its depth and breadth. This practice teaches perceive themselves as endless emptiness, in which there is continuous movement of the flow of energy.
 The essence of the practice is to maintain the flow of energy in the channels of the body in constant motion.
 Thus, this practice ensures that our body does not form blocks or to eliminate those blocks that we have formed in the past and continue to support today.
 Posture during practice and practice observation of bodily sensations contribute not only to the identification of units in the channels, but their elimination by activating energy congestion and its promotion.
 As is well known units of energy - it is our resistance to the reality manifested in its rejection.
 Thus, the practice of "flow in an infinite void" helps remove the block and thus helps to make this a reality as it is.
 This practice is so organically fit into the system of training of the Academy of Leela that today will be an integral part of all full-time retreat.
Master Won Gwang said:
- When energy is flowing freely in the channels, we experience harmony. When we experience the harmony, we hear the voice again, the voice of God, the voice of our inner self
But this practice is not easy, it requires some training.
The student should already know how to meditate and is already familiar with the practices of observation of bodily sensations.
 In general, the name of the practice of "flow in an infinite void" speaks for itself.
All that is - is the flow of energy, constantly flowing into the infinite void.
Education practice "flow in an infinite void" included in the program full-time retreat "Concept and Reality" Part 3.
                                                                                                                                                                                                            WITH LOVE, Rama.



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