In the wake of a 10-day retreat "Samadhi".

Saturday 18 February, 2017

Gradually, we grow to the ability to consciously enter into higher states and stay in them all the more. Way rewards reality itself.


In the center of the Individual retreats "Samadhi" ended on 10 day retreat "Samadhi", with the participation of players who are ready for such a degree of complexity drawing of the Force.

The fact that the retreat program, compiled with naiintensivneyshey density practices. More intensive programs, this time interval, in the world of spiritual practice, does not happen. Retreat program begins at 4.30 and ends at 22.00 complicate not something that is impossible, and not even advisable. Further complexity is only possible by adding the number of days of the retreat (21 days or more) ...

Even traveled around the world, not just to find someone honest enough to bear such intensity. A group has been set up, about equal in strength to the players Leela Academy. This retreat was selected players who have personal power, not simply imitate the seat, and to work with a very high return. As is well known players who are not capable of such intense meditation, which is about eleven and a half hours of practice a day, begin during practice to bite (sleep), stop working and relax, just chasing thoughts.

According to the observations leading this retreat, these players at this retreat, was observed. All players taking part in this retreat have been able to withstand such a rhythm retreat.

Why do we need 10 day retreats?

This retreat, indeed, if I may say so, is a deep-layered operation on opening the deepest, secret areas of the mind and purify it from the delusions of the negative trends from limiting beliefs and above all fears.

During these 10 days, you can experience a variety of conditions: the unbearable pain to the ecstatic bliss of Samadhi to Truth flash. You do not know exactly when to open a new layer and about what? Confirm these words can retreat participants in their feedback about this experience:

  • Out of the most profound and powerful in the degree of retreat of residence. It is difficult to describe in words the experience when you work a thousand times with the same fear, and for thousands of first comes insight, understanding and vision. Immediately upon arrival at the center of my problems worsened with the body. Therefore, the first five days was not boring: the work was round the clock. At one point, I saw that all my life the mind is doing just that is protected from the fear of death. This applies to the creation of wealth, which can be protected in case of need, and the creation of concepts, which consist in the fact that the mind is allegedly knows how to be, how to live, to survive. At a certain stage of life it is even useful, but now, when life draws to a close, I realize that it will not save me from death. Fifty years of efforts went down the drain. It turns the mind does not know anything about life, about truth, all hopes are futile. His concepts have led to the destruction of the body and death. Um stood in a stupor, a few minutes it is impossible to breathe. I stand in front of the Upper force naked and defenseless. And glad to have something than to protect themselves, but there is nothing, everything is tried, nothing helps. We can only accept, surrender, come what may. There comes relaxation. What can this miserable character to oppose this life, just in time manufacture is the energy of consciousness, endlessly changing, incomprehensible. I thank all the participants of the retreat for the confidence field, mutual assistance and support, which we have created. Energy Illahinur lived with us all these days. Thank Rama and Pearl for the opportunity.

  • Thank Consciousness for the 10 day raffle. For kolosalny experience that the mind can not explain, because it is constantly purified and give up, and when there was no resistance, then dissolved in the stream. It was a deep inner work of a permanent awakening itself. Who am I - Consciousness is not in words but in reality, it was necessary to turn out personal power!. In the jokes, all the conditions have been created to open the Force and move vnuri themselves. Has been specially trained team of players who helped to penetrate into the depths of yourself and of course Explorer, which brought together the players and constantly guided by giving subtle knowledge. Thanks to TEAM - CONSCIOUSNESS, managed to get into the hidden dark places and meet with fears of past incarnations, and travel through the worlds where there was no time. Dissolved in the Flow of Love and Light! And all this is happening at the moment, which is replaced by itself! It was not clear to the mind, it's just happened in the moment of practice, when you go into the process and trust it. Dar - the Power samoozoznaniya that it is now important to build, track trends and temptations nepoddavatsya. Play according to the Mission, and just be! Sachchidananda!

  • While this experience - ten Retreat Samadhi - I give up its tendency - all must be right. My hard-nosed ego fielded trend - the mother should not leave their children. The experience of samadhi, which I went on this retreat, brings me to a complete surrender. And this miracle can happen at any time. For this is an ideal setting in the center of the individual retreats Samadhi. Very strong powerful energy center. At every moment of retreat pulled root. Practice 4ёh story with record status allowed to pull out deep fears that do not are lived. Symbol - the evil eye, cry, abuse, cruelty. When re viewing the history of life - is not taken care of his own father, not the adoption of mistreatment mother to me, the events that cause suffering. I see my sacrifice - as soon as the live character - my mother - dwarf starts whining - it should not be needed in a different way. I realize, as I imagine myself creating health problems - the body is compressed, numb, grows cold, the pressure rises, the noise in my head. How do I get hung up on one and the same. What I'm poor, unhappy, what I got to a difficult fate, mother should not do that, it should not be. What diseases have attacked me. Must! It was. And so it was necessary! These are the parents of such events I needed. And now, if I destroy myself with pity and guilt, which I should have to invent illusory fears of rejection, injustice, betrayal, loneliness, if I hang back and do not accept the reality as it is - then so will suffer. I consciously made a choice - do not believe the concepts. It's not real. I looked with new eyes - in fact it's not like kazhetsya.Ochen much has been worked out during practice with energy ilahinur. Each player is different. ilahinur energy there, really helps. When was paired with O., I began to come to the memories of past events in-law. He livened up the fear of death. She was known - healer - treated people. At the same time had the ability to "black" magic - that there were a lot of examples. She was a tyrant №1 - could use their charms on her unwanted person. While living with her in an apartment, I have experienced the quality of it. I had to always be on the alert not relax, use the tactics of behavior - to be wise, shrewd, patient, hardy. I already play with her. I had to beat it and survive. It is the realization - no rejection, death. No in-law - it has never been. All these events led me to wake up - so I woke up. I - consciousness plays with herself. Do not hold a grudge on anyone - there was tyranny. The trend - it should not be - dissolved. The adoption of this experience. Flashed the radiant face of her mother in law. Flash! Such love has spread - bliss! It happened on the eighth day of the retreat. Continuous tracking of their status, character, finding the root. To come back and work deeply. A variety of practices this retreat lead to an increase in personal power. Skipping feelings, I accept everything as it is. A lot of work done to purify the mind. Consciously hunt for power, see their tendencies and fears, to work out and get personal silu.Ochen strong retreat. So many realized. Dive deep into yourself every minute. Time did not feel. The days passed in constant work on himself. Retreat Schedule Wizard is very thought out. To feel the power of the Spirit. Daily skype meeting with Rama - a powerful trend path. I think that this experience of samadhi have to pass all. This is a huge breakthrough in awareness! Now I can not express in words - how things differently perceived. The awareness - there is no suffering. On the concept of watching from the sidelines. I was not affected. I accept everything as it is. I give up. It remains only one - to completely give up. Once identified. Just be. Consciousness itself is all replaced by one of drugim.Blagodaryu conductor Rama. For knowledge. For direction. During continuous operation, the tuition. I thank the players. They are all strong. Talented.
  • It was three days after the retreat, I came home a completely different perception of the world has changed ... it is difficult to describe, more humble or something and at the same time very interesting from this perspective to see the world ... it has become deeper and more blurred border with the "bad" and "good" ... as if I was the swim or float ... sharpness gone inside. And really I want to note the great importance of this retreat! 10 days of the retreat, there are several years of domestic practices !!!
  • It was an amazing experience! Which allowed to scrutinize the explicit and implicit tendencies ... Maintenance Wizard, daily gave an opportunity to take a fresh look at reality and their own resistance ... it is clearly "saw" the temptations, disturbing in the way, obstacles that create itself ... huge value mode and discipline ... The ability to dive into, in a safe area, under the supervision and support and handicraft is a very valuable experience ... every day come new awareness ... I thank the entire group, I felt the love and support of everyone. Thank you Pearl loving and caring for the excellent atmosphere ... thank Master Rama, for his wise, patient, loving support.
  • By his strength, this retreat is only possible to compare with South America. It takes a huge amount of gifts. Within 10 days passed very deep inner work. Reveals the hidden dark places, where in a normal state or when you will not go and you reach. Opened blind spots, which did not even notice and think not thinking about them. Magic Power Ilahinur worked wonders, there were very deep transformation. By the force of the retreat we can say that one day retreat, is one year of independent work. There was a deep surrender, subtle direction and just say the right guidance from teachers, brought their significant force for the delivery and adoption. I saw so clearly how I destroy my tendencies, and how deep my character believe in "belief" that destroy that come from fear. And now I clearly know and choose to believe me or not these concepts. During practice with energy Ilahinur, experience bliss. I saw the truth, and gain the knowledge, now I know how to, I know the secret. And no one and nothing, I will not be able to confuse and embarrass. It's such a huge force. When you are in the consciousness and when you know the truth, suffering no, there is only being and moment of now. Big Thanks consciousness in the face of the Master and the players for their attention, support, endurance and inner silu.Vernuvshis their game, notice of a change, listen to your body and intuition, has changed the relationship to food has changed mode of the day, it changed attitude to everything that who surround my character. Contact Consciousness is not lost, I clearly feel a connection and that energy.

The body, seen in a dream, a dream seems real, but when you wake up and realize that this is your only dream, the reality of the body disappears. (Yoga Vasishta).

Well, at the moment it continues registration for the retreat "Dive into yourself" in Lila Academy, which is abbreviated to 3 times with a small version of the 10-day retreat and corresponds to the level of the game WARRIOR **. In this retreat, the players are ready for the most complex, but also very naimoschneyshemu drawing of the Force 10-day-retreat Samadhi.

Retreat "Dive into yourself" will be held from March 3 to 6 at the center of the Individual retreats "Samadhi". As of February 18 there was one vacant seat.



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