What do you like more: Meditation or diving?

Wednesday 21 December, 2016

Do not assume that, having achieved once and for all, full of self-control, you can leave it at that at least for a short time.

No full self-control does not protect the human body from the possibility of being shocked by certain events, if even for a moment the spirit of man hung up with someone, alive and powerful, it is in itself.
(Antarova K).

Last weekend ended with another retreat in the heart of "Samadhi" Oasis Awakening.
The participants of the retreat to dive within, using energy Ilahinur being in special retreat center environment, continuing to move towards the center of the axis is not affected wheel of Samsara.
The great Chinese physician Sun Simiao (... Years 581-682 BC), who lived 101 years, perceptively described the progress of the human personality problem in his "recipe for a priceless gold":
"As a young person does not understand Tao.
In middle age, he hears a lot about Tao, but does not apply in practice what hears.
When he gets old, he sees the truth of the Tao, but is too weak to act according to it. "

Players Leela Academy, hear and timely use DAO in practice! About how they do it, read this article.

It draws a lot going on, but the main gift is received on the retreat, leaving a deep notch in the subconscious. How many times have opened the fear of death, and now there was a strong field of consciousness, literally fearlessly bore my character in the epicenter of terror, flawlessly passed all the stages of practice and was clearly getting into .... I have this moment where everything was simple and clear, and even I forgot the problem a lot of work was still in a state of acceptance and feelings I was here. The existence of just happened, was separately present in the body of the sign that no one cared, t. To. And one was not. Then came the questions and answers of pure Consciousness. When returned to the body, all recorded and saw the truth already known, but they are born from my own experience. As it turns out, how my character is necessary to live the experience of error to identify with you - the source of truth. That such a journey without time I came, interrupting call timer. And yet words can convey this simple presence, where there is no suffering and perfect clarity. And now with the level of acquired knowledge from the Source again everything is clear and understandable. Yes, I patted my nerves dwarf, for which I (the character) love it. And as though awakened and continues to awaken my character ?!
And it happened thanks to the support of the deep experience of Consciousness - the Master of all our players, and the participating players and officials at the retreat, a unique opportunity to gather in the center of Oasis Awakening. Low bow to you. What else have some fun? Ha ha !!

Retreat "Immersion" can really compare to diving: just on the "depth" of the process heavier, it seems that presses on the ears and eyes. Sometimes the mind really scared to go into the painful area. Tactics in the body - to overcome the pain (it can tolerate), and then nachinaetsyasamoe interesting. Once again I opened sekretik as more clearly and correctly to do the practice. There remains the mind cleansing, and retreats that level - the most favorable for this. Ilahinur - it's hard to come up with an analogue - a very effective energy. I would like to describe a lot to share, but still, if in a few words: ... I realize how fond of the inner workings of the process, I wonder. Tremendous energy field! Invigorates the body. And yet all is not raskazhesh. Thanks has no boundaries!

Very strong dive! The powerful energy OASIS awakening! Many received Gifts. Thank Rama for Skype - maintenance. Very precise Explorer support! Main Gift - awareness, how I miss the very same thing - it should not be. Hard-nosed ego resists and tries to lead. Dar - acceptance, surrender, CONSENT - everything happens as happening. Accepting and living experience. How do your resistance, crazy trends create blocks in the body. No loss, weakness, betrayal, rejection, loneliness. Every minute work - immersion. Love and thanks to all the characters, which I need for enlightenment and understanding Who Ya grateful to the players this retreat for the service, support, Pearls of love and creativity in everything Hati for humility and activity, silence for the conduct of the retreat and wisdom. Major Gifts - acceptance, humility, understanding, surrender!

It really was a dive inside yourself. And clearly he noticed Rama, calling us "divers". Power was so strong that we were able to dive very deep, like a great, professional divers, who love their job. All conditions have been created on the retreat, and therefore only able to dive so deep. Thanks to a tip-off that had given Rama, so I was able to dive deep and remember the history of life, which has been removed from my life forever. And there appeared a great treasure. The work was intense and certainly Ilahinur works wonders. Much gratitude to Master, thanks to players Hati and Swan, who helped in the service, thanks to the Silence which gave the opportunity to be in meditation 1.5 hours. I have consciousness, and everything else is my creation. Light and Love.

It is known that the actions in this winning efforts of the past, or the past can ruin the moment, if it is strong; but always purposeful human effort can defeat even the mighty past karma.
Indeed, the fate of going down to us from the gods and to the benefit of both worlds, there's nothing else like our own past efforts.
That this is so, there is no doubt the wise. But those ignorant who think that fate is impossible to resist, come only to destruction.
Only through their own efforts both worlds set in motion, and yesterday's misconduct cleared correct actions in the present. OM.


The Leela.



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