Alpha rhythm of the brain-access to unlimited possibilities and hidden reserves ...

Friday 17 November, 2017

You've probably heard that there are alpha, gamma, beta, delta, theta rhythms of the brain, each of which carries its own functions and opens its possibilities.

So ... Most of our life we ​​live in beta and gamma ranges ...

... while access to unlimited possibilities and hidden reserves is in a different range - in the alpha-rhythm.

  • There is a hidden mechanism of self-healing.
  • There lies unlimited access to money.
  • There is success, career rise, recognition.
  • There the meeting with love of all life, a strong family and warm relations with children and parents was lost.

It turns out that every day you go into the room where a wheel for a large hamster is installed, instead of going into the next room ... With windows in the floor, access to the pool, massage chair, safe, which by a lucky chance is open and full with large bills .

The person who owns the alpha state, owns everything. But we in this rhythm spend only 5-20% of our lives. And that, basically, in the childhood.

One of the easiest ways to enter the alpha state:

  • this is the practice of meditation.



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