What we create is what we are.

Thursday 10 June, 2021

When we were children and looked up at the sky to see the plane, the whole body looked up. When we bent down to look at the bug, the whole body rushed to him. But with age - only eyes with limited movement of the neck. And now, when we want to reach something, only the hand lasts. When we walk, only the legs walk.
Now the best skill and the most important value of our culture is communication through words.
We are a verbal culture: we understand through words, we depend on words in communication with each other.
And now we have learned to speak without even listening to ourselves, and listen to others without hearing.

We are born in the body given to us by God, but when we are forty, we find ourselves in the body that we created ourselves. And this body is less expressive, less alive than it could be, because many of us do not live with the body. We perceive it as a "body" or "my body" as an extraneous object, as if it were a table or a chair in a room. We seem to say: "I use the body, but I have a vague understanding that it is me." But if the body is rigid and inflexible, if it is clamped and taut, unassembled and heavy - it means that these qualities are in the mind.

In the deepest sense, movement is the flow of energy that drives all life as a whole. We move all 24 hours a day, that is, the movement for us is a natural being, and therefore in motion we can discover so much new about ourselves. We can explore the sensations and feelings that we did not even suspect they were. We can expand the possibilities of our body - the amplitude of movements and freedom of gestures. We can trust ourselves and express our spontaneous reactions. We can let our movements be creative.

What we create is first and foremost, we, and creation itself, are what we are.



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