Your vibrational level determines your life experience.

Saturday 26 May, 2018

Your vibration is the energy that you transmit to the outside, as well as the energy that you attract to yourself, like a magnet. You draw into your life those experiences that vibrate in unison with the vibration emitted by you.

You can not recognize / not see this, you can try to deceive yourself and shift responsibility to another ... but in fact,
what you are broadcasting, you get!

Your vibrational level determines your life experience.

High Vibration
When you vibrate at a high level, your
life is full of positive events, it flows easily and smoothly, for whatever you take, the "green" light is everywhere.

You are aligned with the universal flow of energy that bestows upon you the fulfillment of the most cherished desires. You are in balance, a good mood and full of strength to move in any direction.

Low Vibration

On the other hand, low vibrations attract
You what annoys you, manifest all that you do not like.

Life seems to you a heavy burden, pumping out
of you energy and resources. You feel disappointed and

10 Ways to Lower Your Vibration:

1. Negative emotions

Negative emotions, such as fear, anger,
envy and greed sharply lower the level of your vibration.

Moreover, if you experience a certain
negative emotion for a long time, for example, constantly remain in exasperation, you yourself open the "gate" to situations that provoke you to an even greater irritation ... followed by even more irritation and eventually fiery anger.

There is a vicious circle from which to escape
not easy.

On the one hand, emotions are categorically FORBIDDEN
lock in the body, suppressing them (this leads to a very real physical

On the other hand, indulging your negative state increases chaos in your life.

What to do?

Allow yourself to LIVE the emotion from and to, enjoy your anger or fear ... and say STOP! Just turn your attention to something more positive.

Consciously switch yourself. Take care of what gives you joy, not annoying.

2. Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts flit in any person, regardless of the level of its development.

The problem arises when you do this regularly, over and over again scrolling a negative scenario or mental dialogue in

One short-term thought does not have much weight ...
But when you "think" the same thought over and over again, it turns into an independent energy entity.

The negative wave sent by you is regularly fueled by your doubts, criticism, condemnation of yourself and others, as a result, gaining strength and starting to act independently. You would be happy
think about something more pleasant, but it does not work ... Your thoughts take over the reins of your behavior.

To stop negative thoughts, any
practice and meditation aimed at freeing oneself of thoughts and inner silence.

Any intrusive thought can say NO: "This thought I already thought!"

You can not forbid thoughts to appear in your head, but you choose which idea will remain in it.

3. Excessive self-criticism

Do not give the right to vote to your Inner Criticism. Criticizing yourself within reasonable limits helps you analyze your own mistakes and prevent them from happening again.

But the excessive attention of the Inner Critic undermines your self-esteem and makes you doubt your own abilities.
An evil critic makes you compare yourself to others, more successful, more successful, more .... (fill in by yourself) people, and you are always in a loser: there is always someone who has achieved more than you.

Want to sharply lower your vibrations, start to scold yourself for EVERYTHING!

And you immediately notice how quickly react to this surrounding, making claims to you without any special reason.

4. Condemnation and non-acceptance

Condemnation is a scourge for spiritually advanced people.

The more a person knows about how it should be, the more difficult it is for him to stay in the position of an observer and not to compare the way people live with the "standard" he created himself.

To know is not enough! It is necessary to apply any information in practice and make sure that it is firmly registered inside as
a new line of thinking and new habits.

Practitioners know how easy it is to return to old, unconstructive behavior in a stressful or conflict situation ... they know what they have to go through to strengthen their new vision.
Therefore, there is no condemnation or rejection in them ... they see the essence of the process and respect the results achieved by other people, no matter how small they are.

Do not judge and you will not be judged!

5. A mess in the house

Excellent lowers rock music, scientific literature or "abstruse" conversations (analysis), horror stories, dying plants in the house and work in the kitchen gardens (pruning, weeding, etc.), mass gatherings (rallies,
competitions, concerts, "art works"), and, of course, blockages and dust in the house. And do not forget about a loved one

Do NOT wash, do not worry, do not cherish)))) - the result is guaranteed!

6. Mass media

Choice of information flow: Television, radio
and the Internet, teeming with "yellow-press" news of the most diverse kind - from just gossip to the lowest dirt - is also a great way if you want to roll down vibrationally below nowhere.

And then without an informed choice and the presence of an internal "man with a gun", which can automatically overshadow his
body your mind and attention from all this turbidity - not do.

7. Your environment

It is possible that all of the above -
long gone stage for you ... But not for your environment!

If among your friends and colleagues there are gossips who love to gossip, cursing, complaining or criticizing, you are in the right place to fall and fall low.

8. Heavy food

Everything that surrounds you vibrates on a certain
frequency. Including food.

When choosing your diet, it is important to keep in mind that
The abrupt transition from low-frequency food (meat, mushrooms, sometimes dairy products, fats) to fruits and vegetables can be dangerous because of the mismatch between the vibration of food and the vibration of your cells.

Remember any hunger strikes or Orthodox fasts, when an unprepared person "flies" and loses focus due to a shift
habitual diet.

Heavy and / or fatty foods are often NOT
is compatible with practices to expand consciousness and increase your vibration ... to force yourself to starve or forcibly fatten yourself with fresh fruits and vegetables is not worth it.

Listen to what your body says: it will tell you when it needs to ground more dense food, or vice versa, switch to a vegetable diet.

Well, and since we are talking about ways to reduce vibration, in order to quickly reach the goal, eat a lot, horrible and at
cooking curses and quarrel, charging food with negative emotions!

9. Foul language

Want to get sick and stay powerless, swear
Unprintable swearing is so low
vibrations that instantly breaks through the "holes" in your energy field, through which any low vibration effortlessly sucks in to you. Moths fly to the light, negative vibrations - on the mat.

Do your own conclusions.

10. Alcohol

About this short: alcohol obscures your
consciousness, turns off awareness and moves to the lower astral layers, where dirt and emotional waste of the collective consciousness accumulate ... Astral entities are eagerly waiting for the amateurs to think "for three".
At the astral level, access to higher dimensions
your soul - CLOSED.

Now you know 10 ways to lower your
vibration, and I hope you will guess that doing the exact opposite, you
increase it.



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Намасте! Какая интересная статья! Простая для понимания и очень наглядная! 

Спасибо!!!Я сфотографировала себе эту спираль, чтобы помнить, куда я падаю, когда злюсь !

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