Tuesday 25 September, 2018

Parable. "Take a Break!"

After another late late at the office, Father came into the room of his young son Johnny, when he was already going to sleep. Johnny asked: "Dad, how much do you get paid for an hour of work?"


Friday 21 September, 2018

Parable. Kernels.

Those who are afraid to take risks and move forward, life is necessarily "peck ".


Tuesday 21 November, 2017

The Himalayas (parable)

Once upon a time, the owner of one luxurious palace asked a talented artist to draw the real Himalayas on the walls of the building.


Sunday 06 August, 2017


Oh, the secret of Life! You are full of fascination ...

Any soul, like a magnet, clings to you,

He swears in fidelity in the morning dawn,

By noon ... forgetting the promise ...

Words do not need to be sunset,

And the unsolved mystery again goes away ...

One - in the darkness, the other - the stars chorus ...

But there remains the mystery of the secret of divination ...


Monday 31 July, 2017

The Parable of the Comfort Zone

One noble nobleman was fond of falconry. Once the hunter brought from the forest a tiny and hardly alive chick. The Duke himself nurtured the baby and gave it to the hunter for training. The chick grew and turned into a strong and beautiful falcon. But nobody ever saw him in the sky - he spent all the days on a tree branch, on which he got a tiny chick.

The disgruntled nobleman sent messengers to all corners of his possessions with the order to find a man who would teach the falcon to fly. One morning, the duke went to the balcony and saw his favorite in the sky above the castle. He was very pleased and ordered immediately to bring him to the person who created this miracle. A few minutes later a simple peasant entered the room.


Wednesday 19 July, 2017

The Parable of an Empty Boat

Communicating with the student, the master said: in my youth I loved spending time on the water, swimming in a boat. I liked to be alone and time passed by unnoticed when I was on the lake.

Once I was in meditation sitting in my boat. I had a good mood on this amazing night. But at one point another boat hit my boat, which was empty and simply floated with the flow.


Thursday 30 March, 2017

How one person asked for advice.

To give advice to a fool is an empty matter!
So the bird said and flew away.
A fool to give advice - anyway
That in the solonchak dry throw the grain.
The grain in the solonchak will not germinate.
Advice to a fool will not give a worthy shoot.


Sunday 05 March, 2017

Parable: Birthday God.

One seeker of Truth once dreamed that he was in heaven. He saw a crowd of people. Inquired what was going on, he found out that today is the birthday of God ...


Tuesday 13 December, 2016

The parable of the wise perception.

There was an old man in the village. He was very poor, but even kings were jealous of him because he had a beautiful white horse. He was offered the horse for fabulous money, but the old man said, "This horse is not a horse, but a person to me How can you sell a person, a friend.?" The man was poor, but never agreed to sell the horse. One morning he found his horse in the stable. He gathered the entire village and all the condemned old man: "You are - stupid old man, - he said - We knew that someday the horse is stolen It would be better you sold it What a bad luck...!" The old man said: "I do not know the whole story I do not know whether he left or taken away there is the fact everything else - the judgment Is it bad luck or a blessing I do not know, because it's all just part of who knows.... that next? " People laughed.


Monday 12 December, 2016

History of the wise donkey.

One day a farmer's donkey fell into a well.
He cried piteously, until the farmer decided how to get him out.
Eventually the owner judged as follows: the donkey is an old and well still had to go to sleep. Then he called the neighbors for help. They took a shovel and began to throw the earth into the pit ...