On the way of the warrior.

Wednesday 16 September, 2020

Look! That Way - a shining thread,
Where balancer is perfection.
Here - The Way! At the end of the path -
Merging with God for eternity!
That Way - like the blade edge,
Where every step - a victory over them.
That Way - as a challenge, as a reward,
Only God is here with you every moment.
That path without self-pity -
Way of the Warrior to his death.
And this path - life-long,
Winning here - freedom and immortality!
See, here's the Way! Sumeesh stand?
Get wisdom, love, merge with the Force?
God is waiting for you! You want so to go?
Able (to) you dare, dare?
With a smile - his death!
Every day - as in the last battle!
Love on the edge of life
In the Abode of the Creator - to the Unity!



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Ох как в тему! прям знак! играем!

18.01 12:10

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