The parable of the master and the pupil.

Monday 20 November, 2023

One day, skilled craftsmen, who was involved in the cultivation of the most beautiful gardens, a man came. The master was an old man, but in his whole life he never met a student worthy master of his craft. And when the time left him very little, his good friend from a distant country had sent him a suitable student. So they met, and training began.

The student asked the master to teach him the basics of their craft. He asked:

- Master, where do I start?

- To begin Observe me, keeping silent: you have to learn and understand what is the main source of life for plants. To this I give you one day. If you can handle this task and give the correct answer, then proceed to the next task.

At dawn the student began to study what is the main source of life for plants. And in the evening, pleased with his observation of the work of the master, the student went on to explain that he could understand, watching the master.

When they sat down to eat and enjoy the beautiful sunset and perfection created by the master of the garden, the student said:

- That's it, I spent the whole day watching you, the teacher, and I realized that the main source of life for plants is plain water, you're almost an entire day watering every plant in the garden.

At that, the master said:

- Good. I am old, and if you are really sure that the main source of life for plants is water, tomorrow you yourself will start to my garden to water from the well, which I dug in the middle of a garden in his youth. You're going to water the plants in the garden all week, and when I get back, we'll see whether the water is important for plant life.

At dawn, the gardener went to a neighboring village to visit relatives and disciples came to watering the garden.

A week passed, and the gardener returned at the appointed hour, as he had promised. Together with the student they have to go to your garden and carefully looking at all the plants. And the master saw that near the well with water plants begin to rot on the vine, and the ones that grow on the edges, die from drought. And only those plants that grow in the middle, to feel normal, continuing to develop and grow properly.

Master looked into the eyes of the disciples and said,

- What's your fault?

The student lowered his head and said:

- Teacher I tried as best I could, all week, and what a mistake - I do not understand.

Then, the master asked:

- Tell me more about how you watered my garden?

And the disciple said, lowering her eyes in shame.

- Since the well is located in the center of the garden, I was watering, from a well. Plants that are located in the middle of the garden, I had watered less as to bring them the water is already difficult. And plants that are farthest from the well, I was very lazy to water as to bring the water more difficult.

Master smiled and said wisely:

- This is your most important lesson in life. Your laziness is quite possible to win wisdom. You do not understand the word "measure". First, I should not have to start watering the first plants that are closer to the well, they could you pour in the end, even if you are completely exhausted. Second: You should not have to type the full buckets of water, when you go to the edge of the garden, it is better to go two or three times, and while not straining to fulfill our plans than overstrain with full buckets reaching to the middle of the way to break out of the forces. Third, as you kept a third of my garden, you can continue learning and to correct his mistake.



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