Tuesday 02 June, 2020

The World of Spiritual Development and the World of Spiritual Ministry.

As you can see, the development of the soul goes through certain stages, which are clear from the name of the steps, and as we see spiritual service at the top of spiritual development for the soul.
Souls that reach this level of maturity are turned only upwards (they do not look down the stairs, and do not get carried away by all the temptations of Life), but serve the Higher.
The people of this world are protected by the highest representatives of the subtle world.

It is important to note that in reality there is no clear transition from one step to another and of course it needs to be understood that these steps are conditional.


Friday 29 May, 2020

Dawns Here Are Quiet ...

In South America, ended in an individual "Wake up retreat".

The program of this retreat as well as a session of "discovery of the mission of the soul" is kept secret.

No one can know exactly how it goes, before hitting the selections retreat.

The ego has to be taken by surprise and is not prepared for this drawing of expectations of how things should happen :)

 I must say that this rally can participate only players of the Academy of Lila actually reached the level of the player and the formless trained at the Academy of the skills of the hunter, warrior, missionaries, formless player.

Throughput ticket to participate in this retreat is to participate in a 21 day retreat in Tiruvannamalai, India, which also conducted a careful selection.

"Wake up retreat" requires comprehensive training players talk of unsuccessful experiments, which in theory of course possible in this retreat can not be, because all the players get the opportunity to participate in it developed over the years to the extent necessary.

The retreat takes place in conditions of constant degree of risk factor illusory death.


Wednesday 13 May, 2020


Saturday 09 May, 2020

Meditation with Rama in the Internet of the Sathya Loka Ashram.

Friends, modern Internet technologies, allow us to meet in the same space, even if we are separated by the vast expanses of the oceans and thousands of kilometers of land.

We are pleased to announce that on December 26th, a general meditation will take place in the internet ashram of Satya Loka, for all players of the Leela Academy.

On this day, access to the ashram will be open to all levels of players, starting with the level of the seeker.

Meditation will be held on December 26 at 21.00 Vladivostok time and will last exactly 60 minutes.

To get into meditation, you need ...


Wednesday 06 May, 2020

Reasonable mode of the day.

What is the sensible mode of the day? It's a daily life "in step with the times."
It is not for nothing that the vast majority of living beings are awake during the day, but sleep at night, they want one in the morning, others wish in the afternoon, and in the evening others. This is due to the influence of the planets. The sun gives the activation of processes in the body and the strength to act, the moon gives relaxation and the ability to relax. The influence of the sun does not allow the body to fully rest, and the influence of the moon does not allow full-fledged action without harm to the human psyche.
So, what are the consequences of violation of the regime of the day:

The mind and mind rest from 9 pm to 11 pm. Therefore, if you did not go to bed or fell asleep at 10 pm, then you will have ...


Friday 01 May, 2020


Tuesday 28 April, 2020


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Monday 20 April, 2020

What will be after an enlightenment?

Disappointment source — ignorance. Ignorance — is mother of the devastating disappointment, the destroying disappointment and suffocating disappointment. Having got into ignorance more deeply, we will see that all this is game unconscious.