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Soul Purpose. The way to better worlds.

Sooner or later, people ask themselves questions: "Who am I? Why was I born, live and die? What happens after I die? "

It is important to emphasize that when the questions people ask themselves, and not others, and at the same central question: "Who am I?" - Means no interest to their passport data or ancestry, but to its original inner essence, this means that such a person is ripe for the birth of his second opportunity - not only in body but in spirit.

This means that his soul was born (Divya body) and she wants to know who she is. Generous man is the one who nurtured his Divya ability to transfer the body and holding it in his conscious attention to the lives of both in the material world and the spiritual world.


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Bookmark the basic foundations of the Player.

Neither art nor wisdom can not

be achieved, if they do not learn.


   Education in Leela Academy held with the aim to teach awakening from the dream of non-doing people a basic player base.

   To learn how to play with life, the player must first of all learn to be a hunter and warrior. It developed the basic skills of the players, then elevate it and argue on the subtle levels of the game (the formless level player).

   This purpose is served by a stepwise (multi-level) studies at the Academy of Lila.

   Players who have taken the Way of the Warrior, and embarked on this path in the Academy Leela understand it, therefore are in constant year-round training.

    The exercise should not be ostanavlivatsya.Nuzhno learn to old age and death, when the doctrine itself is terminated.

Xun Zi