Friday 17 August, 2018

Discipleship. Part 1.

Spirit Master pushes the student to recognize, to the ability to freely observe their own thoughts. Day by day more and gets stronger loyalty to the student, if he sees in each case is not himself, but the love that goes through it.

Not "I" becomes his life, but through me. It is released every day by an increasing number of preconceived ideas that are rooted in his "I". And fearlessness, the former before gusts mind and including among its virtues, it is the atmosphere of the day, its simple force.

Do not have a prejudice of separation from the Master just because you shared with him the distance. Distance to exist as long as in the heart of a land lives prejudice life. Once knowledge broadens the mind - disappears and the shadow distance, like the shadow of loneliness. Before clarifies the eye pupil are not piles of garbage, preventing him from seeing Harmony. But harmony does not depend on the place nor on the temples in which they pray, and she is not a temple, which admired. Harmony comprehend in so far as wearing it in himself.

Through the internal self-discipline a man begins to be carried out in its current day, not only their spiritual creativity. He is working on a new understanding of what a "character" in a new way and puts his whole outer life.


Monday 13 August, 2018


Saturday 11 August, 2018

Facets of Agni Yoga. 1965 (March 13).

Even a magnet can demagnetize in an unpleasant neighborhood, especially a magnet of the human spirit.

Even Christ withdrew into the desert, into solitude, when the actions of others became unbearable.

Each aura, upon contact, interacts with the radiation of the carrier of Light and, according to the law of the communicating vessels, takes from it vital emanations.

Therefore, a long stay among people with radiation of low order can not but affect negatively the refined aura.

Not every environmental impact can be overcome for a long time without harm to the body.

The constant loss of light-bearing energies can not always and not in all conditions be replenished without damage.

And then there comes a reaction, expressed in that the aura wilts, the lights go out and the light stops its work to transform the environment.

These symptoms are very dangerous, because the progress of the spirit is suspended.


Thursday 09 August, 2018


Wednesday 08 August, 2018

A conscious vacation or August does not come twice :)

In July, most players of the Academy of Leela completed remote games, face-to-face meetings with Rama in consultations, seminars and a 3-day day retreat, and now, in the last month of summer, Lily's Academy starts a conscious vacation.

This is the time when all the knowledge gained is important to apply in practice in everyday life, which are your hunting grounds in the vastness of which, you continue your Hunt for Power and self-liberation through everything that meets.

Development is spiraling and in the fall, the Academy of Lila will host meetings that conclude the full cycle of seminars and retreats with Rama this year.


Monday 30 July, 2018

Release 10. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018. Final.

Lord, give me the peace of mind to accept,

which I can not change,

Give me the courage to change what I can change.

And give me the wisdom to distinguish one from another.

Well, the satvic energy of the distance games has smoothly flowed into the changes and, together with transformations and awareness, together with all the Gifts gathered by the players from the Life races - has turned into their transformations that are manifesting at the moment.

In this last summary, we can find out what these transformations are?

The real taste of the Remote Game you can receive when you learn to concentrate on the game itself and on the tasks of the games, playing through every situation that arises, drawing up your current life.

Therefore, especially those who played for the first time, be sure to cheer yourself up, praise, regardless of the result, you are moving in the right direction and just like in sports, playing skills - do not come immediately, you need time, you need training, you need training ... and you will have the opportunity to gain personal strength in various activities of the Academy of Leela.


Wednesday 25 July, 2018


Monday 23 July, 2018

Release 9. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

Passing the day, the person most should think how to carry the largest amount of the world into the affairs and meetings.

The world that sheds one soul by another is that glue that pulls down the wounds of irritation, warms the compress to the bruises of raging passions and balm to the distressed soul of the interlocutor.

Never forget that all your activities, however high, will in most cases be difficult for the opposite if you yourself are in rebellion and discord.

The most valuable work will not be accessible to the masses, if the toiler that threw it into the world was obsessed with a constant break in its self-control. His work, even a genius, will remain the property of a few, since only a person whose strengths live in a stable equilibrium can promote a great or small idea into a mass of the people.

Everyone who leaves "from here" or who remains "here", establish in himself now complete tranquility, that the "minutes" spent here were minutes of service to Truth, and not just thoughts of "o" serving Her ...

Well, now we will go directly to the distance game.

At the moment, some players have already approached the finish of remote games, some are slightly behind, but one way or another the game continues ...


Thursday 19 July, 2018


Wednesday 18 July, 2018

Release 8. Spring-Summer Distance Games 2018.

You are your deep desire motivating you.

What is your desire, this is your will.

What is your will, these are your actions.

What are your actions, such is your destiny.

                         (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad).

The world is a dream in the mind of the Lord, who dreams through us from moment to moment in the endless dance of Creation. This is a great dance, and this is an amazing time in which we live ...

Unconscious healing occurs when a person does not understand the causes of the blocks leading to manifestations of dissatisfaction and suffering.

Late never happens, because you must know that the process of the evolution of souls embraces many incarnations and even a seemingly fleeting awakening is placed in the piggy bank of the next incarnations. Perhaps, someday, in one of the following incarnations, this soul will one day wake up definitively, brightens from the dream of ignorance.

Conscious healing is characterized by the fact that it happens to a person who has started to awaken consciously, and he is aware of what he wants to heal, while he realizes that one can be healed only completely by awakening from ignorance.

All those who want to learn the game, as well as acting players playing on their own, you can play together with us, learning from the examples of the game of active players.

Reading Diary from Remote Games, you can be charged with the ability to play even when it would seem that Life has given you "bad cards" ...