GOOD KARMA. Stage 3 selections. Winter Remote Games 2018-2019

Sunday 02 December, 2018

Recall that distance games are held by Lila Academy, which is formed in the Rama Divine Leela Oasis of Awakening.

Awakening is the key word that determines the direction of the game at Lila Academy.

Consciousness always provides opportunities for Awakening, and these opportunities are actually certain tasks, or difficulties, overcoming which you are gaining "power" (knowledge) and you are awakening.

The nature of the game of Consciousness is multilevel and as you awaken you become more and more conscious and learn new levels of consciousness.

Well, if you do not manage to overcome difficulties, you remain at the same level, until one day you still break the barrier and reach a new level of the game (new expansion of self-awareness). In the meantime, players pass the third qualifying round.

And some are already a step away from the start of the distance game.

But before, in this short preparatory period, it is important to sharpen the Vision of the Pranks of Consciousness and its ability to play them.

And in the time of the direct-distance game, you need already to see the Draws, to play your game, according to the proposed training levels at the Leela Academy.

In the third qualifying round, players had to notice the draws and send 4 draws, two of which (out of four) were won, and two that were lost.

In this summary, the draws of players of previous qualifying rounds are also collected.

Winning with a loss in one sleigh ride.

(Russian proverb)

  • Won draws. I called my mother, just find out how she was doing. She was nervous: she had been worrying for a week that she had overpaid 300 rubles in the store for something. I tried to calm her down, but it only got worse. She got angry and hung up. Well then. I saw that there is nothing personal, not mom, not me. Consciousness manifested itself so spontaneously. That was it.
  • Our office lost a large order in electronic trading. Moreover, this is an action that lasts 3,4,5 hours. All lower the price until someone surrenders. All worried and worried, at stake several million rubles. I trusted, accepted, not tied to the result. In the end, there was a certain emotion of disappointment, and at the same time an understanding that you cannot influence this life, just live the present moment. Everything is ridiculous and frivolous.
  • Played jokes. I decided to give my daughter something of warm clothing. She really needs it and in itself this gift means nothing. But I know that I did it out of pity for her. She is having a difficult time and I wanted to reduce her suffering. Realizing that she was living her fate, realizing her motives, I went for it.
  • Entered the role of the boss and got angry at the employee, he did not do something. And this is happening now so spontaneously that I woke up only when I already yelled at him. For a moment, fell asleep completely. I had to apologize.
  • At the moment, I have changed the financial side of my life and not for the better ... and one of the draws is connected with this situation. I took the whole amount of money that I had at the moment, when I came to the bank to transfer money, it turned out that the bank had a higher rate and I had to pay more than I expected, and I did not have any more money. Fear arose, tension in the head and chest ... A bank employee with a sense of guilt began to explain to me why and how .... I watched as fear, tension began to turn into irritation, allowed them to be, and looked for a solution to this situation as a second attention .. .. I remembered that I still had money in my wallet, which I was allocated to buy props for my dance group for the Christmas holiday and this amount, thanked Consciousness, paid for the opportunity and left the bank .... I think that I’ve still lost, because fear for the future through money increased in me and until the evening did not let me use the technique of transformation through breathing and acceptance of a feeling of powerlessness (this old theme of mine, which I think from the past incarnation) and the time came through the grace of Consciousness to work through this topic for me!
  • Reception at the doctor, I made an appointment specially early in order to be in time for work, I calculated the time to be in time for the reception. But when I came to the doctor, I found an ad that the doctor had moved and the address of the new location was written .... I fell asleep ... at first I could not even read the ad in another language ... a complete stupor and an understanding that I don’t have time for my appointment time, the condemnation went ... thoughts "why they didn’t tell me .... of course I’m not the one to blame, but they !!! tension, irritation covered me .... called my mind to reason, reread the ad again to understand where to find them now ... traced how quickly the mind worked in the vein in which it should work — analysis, Idea picture of the new location and rushed there .... realizing that it was at that moment that I went about the false identification and reflex reaction of the conviction .... I was accepted despite the delay, everything was decided safely and the boss took my job calmly being late for half an hour ..... Already sitting in the waiting room I came back at the moment here and now and realized that I lost the rally .... applied the breathing technique, identified myself with the false one and inwardly laughed as Consciousness approached my rally creatively.
  • On the page in social networks, I received a message from a person without a photo, but with the name P. with a compliment about my appearance and desire to communicate closer ... thanking, I politely declined the offer ... the person continued to write to me and after a couple of phrases it turned out it was not a man, but a girl who offered me, despite the fact that she was with a guy in a relationship, to agree on a relationship with her .... as they say, not a decent offer .... I was surprised to find myself full inner peace and acceptance of reality about internal condemnation of such people) ... I wrote to her that it is your choice to be in a relationship with a man and at the same time to seek a relationship with a woman .... - this is your right, but I have no desire to enter with you into any relationship, all the blessings With joy realized another draw! Uraaaa !!!! the practice of no judgment has come true !!!
  • My neighbor on the top, who constantly screams and laughs loudly and strangely ... scaring me, provoking me to a conviction, suddenly met me and started talking to me in the first two years, telling me how he had passed the day, although I was in a hurry to go home because the son fell ill, I still stopped and listened to him, the man just wanted to speak out, he was completely alone and I think he was sick. I felt warmth and compassion for this man while he spoke, inwardly wished him well and accepted him as he is. He smiled and this is important !!!! We are all one
  • During the walks came the understanding of Who I am. An interesting experience was when I found myself on the Karma Yoga Retreat and after the walk there was a lucid dream meditation in which I was even more clearly aware of Who I am.
  • On the last day of the walk, I felt more clearly what was real and what was illusory, the feelings and bodily sensations in the moment were real, the moment and self-awareness were real. I remembered forgotten questions who is the one who notices these feelings and feelings. And knowing that all this is watching, that these feelings are not me, the feelings at the same time easily flowed. I also saw, I noticed the result of non-judgment. During the morning walk, I also practiced it. This facilitated communication, interaction with people, as it was an acceptance in essence. This practice was reflected in me as well, I was stopped by the judgment of myself (that is, I realized that imperceptibly arises condemnation of myself when a bodily block arises). And when she practiced non-judgment, there were no complaints about the block, from which he proceeded faster and softer. Thank Consciousness for all the experience.
  • Alarm clock, the rise is very heavy, resistance, do not want to get up, can not sleep. Keep track of pity, let it be. Thought - why do I need this? I dress, go out and see - “surprise”, at night the dog broke off the chain and “had fun”, pulled the buckets all over the garden, tore the old blanket to pieces, which were covered with strawberries and a lot of things tore and pillaged. I breathe, a light frost invigorates, well, today is such a walk in combination with cleaning. It's a sign. Comes the answer to the question: "Why do I need it." It's time to clean up, both in the yard and in the shower.
  • Again, resistance, the hardest moment to get out of bed. Well, the stronger the resistance, the more valuable the gifts. Just lagging, scraps of thoughts, do not even have time to catch them. I feel my feet treading on the frozen ground, my breath, the smell of smoke from the stoves, the moment now, I wonder: what is death? It only seems that she is and with her arrival will be the end. Now winter is also a small “death” for nature, everything seems to be still and everything is wrong, and this is a very important moment, without which there will be no transformation, no seeds will germinate that have ripened in the autumn and are waiting for their time, spring. Death is transfiguration.
  • Easy waking up to the alarm clock, easy wake up, quiet joy in the heart, what are you glad for? Just happy. At night, the first snow fell. On the street is light from the snow, light frost. It is necessary to feel light and joyful in the soul and nature responds with light and with respect to the time of year on a warm morning, today thoughts were about life, what is life? The process of accumulation of experience, but it is so short that you absolutely do not want to take it seriously, life is a game. I see this game. I understand that I play all the roles, it's funny, having fun, now it is.
  • Easy, soft, awakening, joyful exit from the house and I did not have time to walk half the intended path, as it froze, the strong wind and frost seemed to crawl to the bones, so as not to stiffen I had to run. Already warm, the thought of awakening was thought of at home. Awakening, what is it? This is a broad, voluminous understanding of the world and of oneself in this world, this unity.
  • Rise to the alarm clock. Getting out of the frost throws from a dream into another reality, so what is real? I breathe, I feel how the frost sneaks under my clothes, I smell the smoke from the stove, I hear the sound of footsteps running to a stop and a man overtaking me, this is the moment now he is real. And then the thought “what to expect from him (the peasant),” the fear of death, I want to run away. Stop! I am not involved, there is no death, which means there is nothing to fear, I miss a man, I observe him and my feeling at the same time, both disappear. The question remains open, what is real? Is the moment now real? Yes, real. Is observation really? Yes, really, because through sensation in the body, which means in the moment now. Observation at the moment is now a reality?
  • I woke up myself, before the alarm, and the mind started my song, one day off a week and getting up early again, while the body began to dress itself. The frost is quite light, the air is clear, decided to go the other way, lanterns began to be lit in the courtyards, so you and landmarks, you just have to think and Consciousness begins to take care of you, this thought spread deep calm joy through the body. After all, if there is no one here besides me, then I am all this, I am Consciousness, and I am one with every tree, every living creature, froze, watching this moment. Still, the magical time is morning.



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